April is School Library Month

b688013bc38cfa974be622cfd7fb14a7April is an exciting month at Riverside – It is School Library Month and we will be having a used paperback book exchange.

It is also National Poetry Month – We will be celebrating our 3rd annual Poem in Your Pocket day on April 17th.  Stay tuned for more details!

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Tellagami app biographies

Mrs. Staff’s 3rd graders have been working with me for the last week on recording introductions for their “Night of the Notables” biography project.  We used the app Tellagami to create avatars that represent the students as they spoke about their famous person in 30 seconds or less.

Please click this link to view the entire movie (it takes less than 5 minutes).    http://safeshare.tv/w/mDQxKXRWPN

The Tellagami app lets you create and share animated messages in 3 easy steps. 1) Customize your character and background. 2) Record your voice for your character to say. 3) Share the finished “Gami” to the camera roll.  Once finished the recording can be previewed instantly and corrected, if necessary, by re-recording. The record features, combined with being able to change the background image from one from the Camera Roll, offers endless opportunities for students to share their knowledge on any given subject.

Thanks to Mrs. Staff and her 3rd graders for working with me on this project – They did a fantastic job!


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Google Presentations

Recently Ms. Wegner’s 2nd graders finished their Google presentations on the animal they researched.  Using print and online resources such as PebbleGo, this research project turned out great and the students did a wonderful job of creating engaging presentations.  See below for one example.  Thanks to Ms Wegner for collaborating with me on this project!

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Don’t forget Voicethread

images-2Over the past few years we have used Voicethread to present book talks and non-fiction narratives of our students.  This Web 2.0 application is a multimedia presentation of slides that allows for the sharing and collaboration of information. It provides a variety of ways for commentators to add their thoughts via text, voice and video. The potential uses for this application are endless….

Please click here to watch and listen to Mrs. Dennis’s first graders


as they describe their animal they researched, accompanied by a picture each child drew.  They did a great job!

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Battle of the Books Results

Unknown-2This year’s Battle of the Books team ranked 13th in the state and 1st among the D.C.E. teams competing this year!  We also scored 315 so we made it into the “300″ club for the 1st time ever!

I am so proud of our team and how well they worked together when taking the test.  Our final team was Emily, Carrie, Lucas and Aliya with Nolan as our alternate.

Thank you also to Mr. Podeweltz for all helping me with the Battle of the Books again this year.  It is great to work with such dedicated students and staff!images-1

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FaceJack Biographies

Unknown-2Mrs. Mergendahl’s class wrote summaries in the first person of the famous person they studied and then used to app FaceJack to record it.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Albert Einstein

Jane Goodall

Ronald Reagan

Jackie Robinson

Babe Ruth


Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Maria Tallchief

Harriet Tubman

George Washington

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Explain Everything Please….

Unknown-1Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders have worked very hard on researching their planets and after collecting information from both print and online resources, they each created models of their planets.  They used the Explain Everything app to demonstrate their knowledge.  Please view them below:

Aidan’s planet Uranus

Andrue’s planet Venus

Anna’s planet Jupiter

D.J.’s planet Saturn

Drew’s planet Jupiter

Emily’s planet Uranus

Grace’s planet Neptune

Gracie’s planet Pluto

Gwen’s planet Earth

Kaira’s planet Earth

Lauren’s planet Pluto

Logan’s planet Jupiter

Lyn’s planet Neptune

Makenna’s planet Pluto

Max’s planet Uranus

Megan’s planet Mercury

Noah’s planet Saturn

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