Battle Ends

This past week our final Battle of the Books final team was determined.  Congratulations to Aliya, Kennedy, Anika, Satori and Nina!  On Thursday, Feb. 26th during lunch recess they took the state online test.  We should know the results in a few weeks.  Thank you to Mr. Podeweltz and Mrs. Goertz for helping Mrs. D with this year’s BOB!

In the library this past rotation Kindergarten and 1st graders practiced spelling their first and last names and making equations that add up to their age and used refrigerator magnets online to make their own unique creation.  They also practiced matching the most commonly used keys on a computer keyboard in a separate Drag and Drop activity.  Way to go!

2nd graders practiced their math skills with specific money counting websites and also practicing telling time.  Many voted the stop watch website their favorite.

3rd and 4th graders went over the online tools used in the upcoming state assessment called Badger 3-8.  We also took the math practice test so students would become more familiar with it.

5th graders worked with Mrs. D and Mrs. Reinardy to look up three careers they would be interested in trying when they grow up using the website CareerLocker.  Once they had their career information, they started working on their Google Presentations entitled All About Me, which they will share with Mrs. Reinardy and their parents in April.battle15

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Kindness Boomerang

Recently  we have been working in our K – 5th grade library/computer classes on what I call a “kindness boomerang” project for Valentine’s Day.actsofkindness2

Kindergarten and 1st grade students created online Valentine cards, which we printed and decorated for a teacher or support staff member of our school. 2nd through 5th graders used their Google accounts to write special notes using Google Docs as their word processing tool. Notes were printed and placed in envelopes that students decorated for our 55 staff members. Students were also encouraged to write notes to family members, friends and classmates.

The response of our students to this assignment was heart-warming and I was inspired by the kindnesses that I witnessed.

If you are interested in a website that has a great list of ideas for activities that your family could do to promote kindness try the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website at and look up the Kindness Boomerang video on YouTube.

Opportunities surround us every day to inspire others with random acts of kindness. I hope you will be inspired to share acts of kindness throughout this month and beyond.

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Book Trailers by Students

Mrs. Lorge’s 5th graders created book trailers for library books last month using the trailer template on IMovie.  Mrs. D loved how creative students were using images and limited text to convey their message while not giving away the ending of the book.  Next we will be making QR codes to put on the book jackets so others can enjoy these creations!

Among the Betrayed –

Greek Myths of Wonder and Blunder –

Lightning Thief –

That is Not a Good Idea –

My Side of the Mountain –

Big Nate Goes for Broke –

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Book Trailers and the Common Core

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Use libraries and learn stuff…

What’s been happening lately?  Well our kindergartners and 1st graders are getting better at logging in as themselves with each visit to the library.  Once logged in kindergartners are creating an online snowman and printing it.  Mrs. D is also sharing her favorite winter stories, including Snow! by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman.  1st graders are using a painting website to have students practice their mouse skills and stir their creative juices.  Each student does their best to draw a snowman and decorate it.10397_2035661.pjpeg

2nd graders were introduced to the story creation website, My StoryMaker, where students can practice choosing characters, emotions, plot and setting to put together a story of their own.  Once made, an online code is shared so students could write it down on a sticky note and bring up the story at home.  If time was available, we also printed them.

3rd graders have been reviewing how to use the online catalog to look up a specific book in our library, write down the title and call number, locate it and bring it to Mrs. D.  Many students enjoyed the challenge so much, they asked to do multiple “scavenger hunts”.

4th graders reviewed what online resources are and the difference between websites and databases such as World Book online.  Students used notecards to record one unique fact they found (using World Book online) about the planet Venus.  Mrs. D enjoyed reading them and displayed them on the wall outside of the pit.worldbook

5th graders in Mrs. Lorge’s class created book reviews using the trailer template on Imovie.  Here is an example for you to enjoy.  I love how the trailer template challenges you to use both images and short phrases to create an ad for your product.  Please visit the Riverside Library Youtube channel to see all of our trailers so far.

With a month left before the final Battle of the Books competition, 4th graders continue to meet with Mr. Podeweltz and Mrs. Goertz, while 5th graders meet with Mrs. D (all on Day 5 at lunch time).

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Remembering the Dream

The past few weeks since winter break have been filled with activities in our library.  Kindergarten and 1st graders are practicing logging into the computers using their own logins and passwords.  Mrs. D added a link to Kindergarten and 1st grade websites entitled Great Nonfiction Books for Young Readers – put together by blogger Matt Gomez.  Students have been viewing and reading several books from that site after they are successfully logged into their computers.

2nd graders practiced inserting clipart in Microsoft Word using a Winter Words activity.  3rd graders have been writing about either their winter break vacation or their dreams for the future.  Please click on the links to see the online Flipsnack books of their writing using Google Docs.mlk1

Mrs. D used her new AppleTV in the library to show students how to use the app Skitch.  4th graders took pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. and added powerful, positive words to describe him.  Please visit our Riverside homepage to see a slideshow Mrs. D put together of all of their creations.

5th graders used Google Presentations to create two slides – one of Martin Luther King Jr. and other of their own dreams for the world.  Please click on the following link to see the online Flipsnack book of their writing.


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Reading Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!  Mrs. D is challenging herself to read 100 books in 2015 (both children’s and adult books) and keep track of them on her Goodreads account.  If you are interested in joining the challenge yourself, please visit the challenge link below.  You can also see which books she has recently read by looking at her Goodreads widget on our library blog (along the right side of the homepage). challenge

We hope you had a great, relaxing vacation!  Mrs. D had a blast spending quality time with her family and friends.  Be sure to stop in the library and let her know what your favorite part of your vacation was!


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Holiday Wishes

After our Hour of Code sessions with students it is great to hear how many of them are continuing to explore computer coding and program creation.  Our final week of classes before Christmas break has found students writing Christmas poems using a Poem Generator, copying and pasting their poems into Word and adding clipart.  Final products have been turning out great and Mrs. D hopes to create a Flipbook over vacation highlighting those poems.tree

Primary students have been creating Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Trees on ABCya and printing them to share with their families while 2nd and 3rd graders wrote holiday letters to either parents or Santa.

Our first year of having a full size Christmas tree has turned out great with many students of all ages creating paper ornaments that share their favorite book title on them.  Thanks everyone for the wonderful decorations!

Finally students who check out books this week have been given the opportunity to check out one additional library book to read over the long winter break!  Feel free to visit our Christmas Around the World link under Student Websites over the holidays to see fun websites that explore all of the holidays that are celebrated this time of year.

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