Thank you!

This year our library made $950 from our Scholastic Book Fair.  Thank you to everyone who purchased items in the book fair and a special thank you to all of the following people who helped Mrs. D this year:  Setup – Mr. Ron, Mrs. Hanson and the 3rd grade teacher team – Cashiers: Mrs. T, Jackie Jackson, Cheryl Bayer, Holly Pagel, Tami Mlodik, Denise Sousa, Cheryl Franklin, Gina Lekie, Laura Isham, Courtney Pheifer, Cindy Daniels, Courtney Burger and Jenny Helminiac.  Special thank you to Laura Isham for helping Mrs. D on Wednesday and with helping her pack the book fair up.

This week Mrs. D is starting the Hour of Code activities with Kindergarten and 1st graders.  Kindergarten is practicing dragging and dropping using the Jigsaw puzzles on Hour of Code.  Some are advancing into sequencing using the Angry Bird program.  1st graders are reviewing the drag and drop method and also sequencing doing either the Angry Birds program or Kodable.

See how success last year’s worldwide Hour of Code went watch the video below:

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Book Fair Opens

BookFairExcitement filled the air this past week as the Scholastic Book Fair returned to Riverside library.  The book fair is open before and after school and during conferences.  Students who have a library/computer class will also have the opportunity to check out what is in this year’s book fair during their class time with Mrs. D.

Kindergartners enjoyed the story Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings while 1st graders enjoyed watching BrainPopJr’s video about Thanksgiving.  Students in both grades were introduced to Microsoft Word as they practiced typing what they are thankful for.

2nd and 3rd graders logged into their Google accounts and created a Thanksgiving poster entitled “I am thankful for…”

Last week Mrs. D enjoyed showing 4th and 5th graders a Kid President video describing what he is thankful for.  View it here:  

4th graders continued on their Digital Passport journey.  We discussed why it is so important to “think before you post”.  Many students completed the Privacy Share Jumper module of the Digital Passport program.

5th graders continued on their journey through the Digital Compass program practicing making positive choices with specific digital situations.

Mrs. D is so thankful for all of the parent/grandparent volunteers who are helping her out this year.  We also have several Riverside staff members volunteering for the Book Fair too.

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Mindfulness in the library

dscn2264Since the beginning of the year we have been trying to incorporate a dedicated time period for students to read the books they have checked out or the e-books that are on their iPads.  Mrs. D has been researching how we can use a variety of methods to focus on giving students a calm, quiet atmosphere and she has found a few videos that help promote that concept.  Soft music combined with soothing images (similar to screen savers) have been used and students are really enjoying that.

During our last rotation kindergartners enjoyed the pet books The Cat Barked? and Hondo and Fabian.  Mrs. D loves reading aloud picture books.  1st graders heard What happened to Marion’s book? and we discussed the importance of book care.

2nd graders were introduced to Wordle and had fun creating word clouds about themselves.  Mrs. D and Mrs. T printed out a copy for the student and a copy for their homeroom teacher.

3rd graders reviewed where different call numbers were in the library by doing a scavenger hunt involving specific call numbers and using that information to solve two riddles.  Then they practiced putting call numbers in order using the website Order in the Library.

4th graders started their Digital Passport modules with the communication portion.  We discussed as a large group how cell phones can be distracting and Mrs. D showed two commercials, one humorous and the other more serious, about the dangers of trying to multitask.  Then students logged into Digital Passport and tried completing three rounds of the Twalkers section and earning their first badge.

5th graders started the site Digital Compass with a large group discussion on what a digital footprint is and how to create a positive one that follows you throughout your life.  Students chose the first two characters and practiced choosing different decisions for those characters (much like a Choose Your Own Adventure book).  Seeing positive results from positive choices and vice versa makes this digital tool an excellent resource for teaching digital citizenship.

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Be a Buddy, Not a Bully!

bookmarksThis past rotation students were busy creating positive messages about how Riverside promotes kindness and doesn’t accept bullying.  4th graders used Google Slides to create posters to be displayed around the school.  5th graders were invited to the Digital Citizenship Google Classroom Mrs. D put together for classes this year.  Once they were in it, they created bookmarks for the library taking an anti-bullying stance.  Mrs. D printed them out and parent volunteers cut them apart for our book mark basket.

3rd graders reviewed what the different call numbers are for our library and where specific books are located.  2nd graders enjoyed Mrs. D reading aloud the Halloween story Porkenstein.  1st graders watched There’s a Nightmare in My Closet by Mercer Mayer and created online jack-o-lantern pumpkins using their mouse skills while Kindergartners watched Bernstein Bears Trick or Treat and made online pumpkins using the ABCya website.  Once they were made we printed them so students could take them home to share with their families.

Mrs. D enjoyed celebrating her birthday with students and staff and getting a long weekend break to spend with her family.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!birthday48

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Internet Safety is #1

In October we are focusing on Internet Safety for all grades.  Mrs. D has been impressed by her students prior knowledge on this subject!garfield

In Kindergarten we discuss how to avoid pop-up ads when they are on the computer and how important it is to have an adult know what they are doing on the computer.

1st graders had a reminder of that also along with a good review of Internet Safety with the Hippo and Hedgehog Safety review from ABCya.

2nd graders discussed as a whole group the importance of being kind to each other online and what is personal information and why we should not share it online.

3rd graders watched the BrainPopJr video Internet Safety and took the hard quiz. Individually they reviewed those concepts using the Cybersense and Nonsense and Privacy Pirates websites.

4th graders worked together as a group to answer specific questions about online safety, followed by the website Professor Garfield’s Internet Safety.

5th graders did a whole class review using specific scenarios regarding online safety and cyber bullying. They tested their knowledge of those topics by taking the NS Teens Challenge.

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Let’s Battle….

13882672_1063592380396315_5130754659060315446_nMrs. D is happy to see how comfortable our kindergartners are with using their mouse.  During this rotation students started using and learning to choose and maneuver their way through a website.  Mrs. D is also sharing Halloween stories this month including Clifford’s First Halloween and Go Away Big Green Monster.

1st graders are learning the importance of being safe on the Internet – Mrs. D is showing students the Cyber 5 rules from ABCya.  1st graders are also practicing keyboarding skills using three different websites.

2nd graders are being reminded about the importance of friendship.  Mrs. D is reading Nobody Knew What to Do and discussing what we all can do to end bullying.

3rd graders are reviewing how to be an “upstander” instead of a bystander when bullying occurs.  Mrs. D is using an excellent video from the NED Show website.

4th and 5th graders are being given the chance to sign up for this year’s Battle of the Books – Check out this great Animoto introducing this year’s list of books!Unknown-2



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September Memories….

dscn2253I can’t believe it is already October!  The weeks are flying by….Here is a short summary of what we’ve been learning about in the Riverside Library this past September:

Kindergartners:  Mrs. D enjoys reading stories this past month including Shh! Don’t Wake the Giant, Clifford’s 1st Autumn and The Last Puppy.  Using our mouse and clicking on the left side has been our focus this month.  The Mini website and the Bees and Honey website have given students more confidence as they improve with each lesson.

1st graders:  Mrs. D loved seeing how much students remember about taking good care of library books.  We played the Yes/No game.  We also watched a great video on book care using Skippy Jon Jones as the main character.  Everyone had the opportunity to get into Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun with Words during computer lab time.

2nd graders:  Students did a great job identifying computer parts and explaining what they are used for along with using Tap the Technology to practice.  Choosing a “Just right book” was also discussed and we all agreed it is important that one of the two books students check out should be something they can read to themselves.

3rd graders:  Students logged into their computers and added books to their Big Universe book shelf.  Students also practiced using Follett Destiny to look up books on a favorite subject.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

4th graders:  Mrs. D was happy to see how many students remembered how to look up books using Follett Destiny.  We also did a review of our library using Library Jeopardy.  Digital Etiquette was focused on using BrainPop.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

5th graders:  Many students are excited to join the Library Crew and help Mrs. D and Mrs. T. with keeping our library running smoothly.  We also took time to add books to our Big Universe book shelves and to make sure all students had access to Epic Books.  We reviewed areas around the library using a QR code scavenger hunt.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

Mrs. D loves September especially because both her husband and her son celebrate their birthdays – a fun time at the Dembowski household!rscn2261

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