Makerspaces matter…

Our current rotation finds 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders trying out six of our “makerspaces” in the library.  We have a puzzle space (3D puzzles), Kindness space (creating winter drawings for Color a, LEGO wall (using legos to create structures, signs, etc), KEVA planks space (using planks to solve the challenge), Coloring space (using colored pencils to decorate bookmarks) and STEM challenge space (this month it is the Golf Ball Paper Tower Challenge).

Mrs. D is explaining to all classes what makerspaces are and then dividing students into small groups and rotating through all of the spaces during our 1 hour class periods.  It is fun to see students get excited to try new things, work cooperatively and share problem-solving ideas with each other.

Please view the following video to see our makerspaces in action! 

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Kindergartners are learning what the Caldecott Award is all about.  This rotation we are focusing on Snowy Day by Jack Ezra Keats.  After the story students will be creating their own online snowman and printing it in color.  1st graders are enjoying seeing what a book “dummy” looks like and seeing how wordless picture books, like The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, can give us fun and exciting stories where we can make up our own story based on the pictures in the book.

Mrs. D is sharing Science Fair information with K-4th grade students.  We have a display that shows examples of past projects and a great selection of science fair experiment books.  Check out the Science Fair page on our library website!

It is a new year and Mrs. D is reminding students about our library expectations for behavior when they are coming for class on this rotation.  Don’t forget our motto – Be Kind, Work Hard and Have Fun!5475907734_7c88f33e2e

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Merry Christmas!

DSCN1769The last rotation found 2nd and 3rd graders creating and printing Google docs written to either their parents or Santa expressing what they were excited about for the upcoming holidays.  4th graders created Christmas Wordles and added paper ornaments to our library Christmas tree, sharing what their favorite book title or series is.  5th graders used their research skills to find answers to the Christmas Around the World web quest questions.  One lucky winner from each class received a n XL Hershey bar for their efforts.

Mrs. D enjoyed sharing Kid President’s Gift giving ideas with 4th and 5th graders.  She also wants to thank all of the students who helped decorate this year’s Christmas tree in the library!  Enjoy your vacation and see you next year!  

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Book Bugs Club

coltonwCongratulations to Colton Weinke for reaching the ultimate level in our Book Bugs program – reading 4000 books!  Colton received an engraved reading plaque to record his achievement.

The Book Bugs reading program is designed to encourage students in Kindergarten through 5th grade to increase their independent reading.  The program is built around simple record keeping with the following guidelines:

  1. The child reads a book.  The books can come from home, school, the public library or anywhere.
  2. The title and date are recorded on the Book Bug sheet.
  3. For longer books (chapter books) every 25 pages may be counted as one book.
  4. Younger students may include books that have been read to them.
  5. Sheets must be signed by a parent or guardian to verify the successful completion of reading the book.
  6. Completed sheets are turned into their teacher and new blank sheets will be made available.
  7. The reading lists and total will follow the student throughout his/her time at Riverside.
  8. All record keeping will be handled by the IMC.
  9. At various levels of reading involvement students will receive the following recognition for their participation:

25 Books – Certificate

50 Books – Bookmark

100 Books – Book Bug Button

200 Books – Poster

300 Books – Medal

400 Books – T-shirt

500 Books – Gift certificate to Politos

1000 Books – Trophy

1500 Books – Paperback book

2000 Books – Hardbound book of student’s choice signed by Riverside staff

2500 Books – Reading Book Light

3000 Books – $25 Barnes and Noble Gift card

3500 Books – $25 Target Gift card

4000 Books – Reading Plaque

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Hour of Code 2016

dscn2291For the third year in a row Riverside Elementary participated in the Hour of Code.  What is that?  According to their website, “The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. The 2016 Computer Science Education Week was December 5-11, but you can host an Hour of Code all year round.  The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.”

Mrs. D started doing Hour of Code lessons with Kindergarten and 1st graders the week before and during this last rotation she worked with 2nd-5th graders on it.

2nd graders did the Plants vs Zombies tutorial and the latest Minecraft tutorial.  3rd through 5th graders went through the first few stages of the Moana tutorial with Mrs. D in class.  Then they had lab time to choose any coding tutorial on the Hour of Code site.  Mrs. D also showed them how to filter the tutorials for the appropriate grade level since the site is pre-school through 12th grade.dscn2303

It was fun to see how students worked together and problem-solved the coding activities.  It was also great to see classroom teachers like Mrs. Strehlow continue the coding lessons.  Her Kindergarten students had a blast using ScratchJr on their iPads!

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Thank you!

This year our library made $950 from our Scholastic Book Fair.  Thank you to everyone who purchased items in the book fair and a special thank you to all of the following people who helped Mrs. D this year:  Setup – Mr. Ron, Mrs. Hanson and the 3rd grade teacher team – Cashiers: Mrs. T, Jackie Jackson, Cheryl Bayer, Holly Pagel, Tami Mlodik, Denise Sousa, Cheryl Franklin, Gina Lekie, Laura Isham, Courtney Pheifer, Cindy Daniels, Courtney Burger and Jenny Helminiac.  Special thank you to Laura Isham for helping Mrs. D on Wednesday and with helping her pack the book fair up.

This week Mrs. D is starting the Hour of Code activities with Kindergarten and 1st graders.  Kindergarten is practicing dragging and dropping using the Jigsaw puzzles on Hour of Code.  Some are advancing into sequencing using the Angry Bird program.  1st graders are reviewing the drag and drop method and also sequencing doing either the Angry Birds program or Kodable.

See how success last year’s worldwide Hour of Code went watch the video below:

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Book Fair Opens

BookFairExcitement filled the air this past week as the Scholastic Book Fair returned to Riverside library.  The book fair is open before and after school and during conferences.  Students who have a library/computer class will also have the opportunity to check out what is in this year’s book fair during their class time with Mrs. D.

Kindergartners enjoyed the story Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings while 1st graders enjoyed watching BrainPopJr’s video about Thanksgiving.  Students in both grades were introduced to Microsoft Word as they practiced typing what they are thankful for.

2nd and 3rd graders logged into their Google accounts and created a Thanksgiving poster entitled “I am thankful for…”

Last week Mrs. D enjoyed showing 4th and 5th graders a Kid President video describing what he is thankful for.  View it here:  

4th graders continued on their Digital Passport journey.  We discussed why it is so important to “think before you post”.  Many students completed the Privacy Share Jumper module of the Digital Passport program.

5th graders continued on their journey through the Digital Compass program practicing making positive choices with specific digital situations.

Mrs. D is so thankful for all of the parent/grandparent volunteers who are helping her out this year.  We also have several Riverside staff members volunteering for the Book Fair too.

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