We’re going on a book hunt….

“School libraries help teachers teach and children learn.  Children and teachers need library resources and the expertise of a librarian to succeed.  Books, information technology and school librarians who are part of the schools’ professional team are basic ingredients for student achievement.”
— Former First Lady Laura Bush

This week the library was busy with readers and writers.  Kindergartners enjoyed a special “lift the flap” book, Shh (Don’t wake the giant!) and learning the book checkout process – which includes returning and checking out new books every morning before school.  1st graders had fun when Mr. Bear visited the library and reminded us all the importance of good body basics!

2nd graders reviewed how to find a “just right” book using the 5 finger test that is portrayed so well in the book Goldisocks and the Three Libearians by Jackie Mims Hopkins.

Product Details3rd graders were very excited to check out audio book kits, which include a copy of the book and CDs for listening to the story.  4th and 5th graders were busy writing Wordles, typing personal narratives and learning the art of importing pictures of classmates to a Word document.

Mrs. D, Mrs. Dembowski, Library Lady, etc., received a wonderful compliment after a very busy day when a classroom teacher asked if she could be “cloned” so there would be multiple copies of her to help all of the busy students and teachers needing assistance!

This year I am working harder than ever to continue collaborating and meeting the needs of as many students and staff as possible.  It is wonderful to work in such a busy and well loved library!



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3 responses to “We’re going on a book hunt….

  1. I had a great summer 🙂 I went to Jellystone park, played outside and had a lot of fun! I am glad school is starting again and that my sister Ella is coming too. (She is in Mrs. Cornish’s class) I am excited about my upcoming field trips like the farm and the little red school house. This is getting to be a bit to long. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. mckenna

    i had a great summer i went to Vally fair and went on lots off rides it wasn’t that good at the end off the day because my brother wasn’t felling good

  3. Savannah

    I had a lot of fun this summer I went to Milwaukee and I went to a lot of mueseam. I had a lot of fun at the little red schoolhouse I think other people will to! I was also excited to go to the farm and to learn all about the different animals. have a great day!

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