The week that was…

“As information specialists, we must be familiar with new tools so that we can help our students and staff communicate, collaborate, and create in our increasingly connected world…” – Diane Cordell

This past week started out with professional training on Atomic Learning and Windows 7.  Technology is literally changing every second…there are so many exciting technology options to offer our students!

On Thursday Riverside students and staff had their school pictures taken in the library – which makes for a bustling good time!

Kindergartners enjoyed finding out how Clifford handled his first autumn in the read-aloud Clifford’s 1st Autumn by Norman Bridwell.  Several are enjoying visiting their library before school to check out a new book each day they return one.

1st graders connected with Franklin and how fragile friendship can be in Franklin Is Bossy.  We are still practicing using our library buddies to check out books from the shelves.

2nd graders and I reviewed the genres they are learning about in their classrooms, including mysteries, informational books and fantasy.  Students were also using the computer labs to use Education City to reinforce the core curriculum while others were enjoying online classic children’s stories being read to them by famous actors/actresses on Story Line.

3rd graders learned how to use BLIPA to select a library book.  The mnemonic (memory tip) stands for the following:  B – reading the Blurb, L – length of book, I – is it interesting to you, P – pictures or illustrations and A – ask a friend or adult for suggestions.

4th graders found out where the Andrew Clements books are located in the library and how his school-related stories are written as personal narrative fiction many can relate to.

5th graders were shown how to use Accelerated Reader quizzes and how to locate those books in our library.  Many classes were in the computer labs this week working on presentations using Prezi.  Students also practiced finding useful information for their presentations using the Kid-Friendly search engines on our school’s web site.

Mrs. D. met with several classroom teachers throughout the week to set up collaboration projects utilizing all of the resources our library has to offer.  A list of projects past and possible future ideas can be found at our Collaboration link.

Students will be invited to blog with Mrs. D on a special Question of the Week link.  Stay tuned for updates!


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