How May We Help You?

A recent visitor commented on how busy Riverside’s library is and asked me, “Is it always like this?”  I answered with a smile on my face, “Yes – thank goodness!”

This week Kindergartners identified community helpers with me as we shared the story Community Helpers.  In the middle of the week all kindergartners came to the story area in the library (a.k.a the pit) and met a police officer who shared with them her experiences and explained how she helps our community.

1st graders and I discussed the part of a book and reviewed the importance of using their library shelf markers when choosing a book from the shelf.  Their excitement was contagious!

2nd graders had a return visit from Mr. Bear, who seems to have improved with his body basics when listening to a story – although he did have to be reminded a few times.

3rd graders reviewed a few “tips” from Mrs. D on how to read to their kindergarten reading buddies.  Mrs. Schwan brought in two of the four classes this week and we worked together on learning how to use kid-friendly search engines to look up facts about famous U.S. landmarks and parks.  One student commented, “I thought this was going to be boring…boy, I was wrong!”

4th graders practiced blogging with Mrs. D on her Question of the Week.  We are using as a safe and kid-friendly blog service.  Mrs. D also helped get a few of the 4th grader teachers set up with their own classroom blogs.  Exciting stuff!

5th graders were busy using the computer labs to work on AR quizzes, presentation software and blogging.  The projects they are producing are incredible.

From Tuesday through Thursday almost all of the students at Riverside had vision and hearing testing with vision testing taking place in the library.  Lots of people, lots of resources, lots of learning….I can’t think of a better description of a what a school library is.



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