Kid-Friendly Search Engines

It was once said, “Gathering information from the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”  One of the many jobs of a school librarian is to demonstrate to students where they can look for relevant information amongst all of the Internet offers.  Students in 3rd grade were practicing using what I like to call “Kid-Friendly” search engines.  Instead of just “Googling” everything, which can lead to thousands of impractical, and sometimes inappropriate hits, search engines such as Nettrekker, KidsClick and Searchasaurus give us results that are easier to read and understand.

Kindergartners were in one of the library computer labs using the website ABCya to create their own pumpkins and print them out.  This was a great classroom connection since they were studying pumpkins and their life cycles this week.

1st graders reviewed the parts of a computer and learned why it is important that we respect the equipment.  Mrs. D was impressed with their prior knowledge.

2nd graders visited the Grand Theatre this week to see a production of Skippyjon Jones and when they visited the library we went to the author’s website and had the opportunity to meet her and see how she creates her books.

3rd graders were learning the importance of online safety and not sharing personal information on the Internet.  Mrs. Merriam had two of her social studies classes visit the computer lab where we worked together on using Kid-Friendly search engines to gather information on national parks.  Students also used Google Maps to help them determine how far it is from Ringle, WI to the national park they were researching.

4th graders continued to blog with Mrs. D regarding her Question of the Week.  Mrs. Goertz brought in two of her social studies classes on Friday to start creating their U.S. state brochure project.

5th graders as usual were in and out of the library several times this week working on projects with their teachers ranging from blogging to gathering information on their chemical element.

Throughout it all, Mrs. D is offering her services and bouncing around from one class to another.  Onward to next week!


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