Love those book talks!

One of my favorite parts of my job is when I see students get excited about books and reading.  This week I was fortunate to see that several times over as I worked with Mrs. Reimer’s 2nd graders finish up their Voicethread book talks and I shared some of them with several of the classes that came in to check out books.

On Friday afternoon after recess, we all celebrated together, including our principal Mrs. LeStrang, as we viewed and listened to 16 wonderful and unique book talks.  This project is just one example of the power of collaboration – we can do great things together!  Next I will be working with Mr. Aleckson’s class….stay tuned….

Speaking of great things, Mrs. Goertz’s and Mr. Podeweltz’s classes finished up their state brochures on their assigned states.  They turned out great.  To view a few examples and the template we used, check out the Collaboration Success Stories tab.

This weekend I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased several dozen books to add to our library collection.  My focus was to add student suggestions and also purchase copies of titles for the Battle of the Books.  This year I will be working with Mr. Podeweltz and Mrs. Becker and interested and committed 4th and 5th graders to participate in this statewide reading competition.

Check out the following Animoto video to see which books will be in this year’s competition:






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