Tis the Season…

December is flying by, isn’t it?  Much has happened the last few weeks since our book fair ended.

Kindergartners have been sharing their prior knowledge of hibernation facts with Mrs. D when they came to the library.  We read Bear Snores On and Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep and took a quiz on which animals do and don’t really hibernate.  This past week we had a few good laughs with the books That’s Not Santa and Fat Santa.  

In the computer lab students have been working with a link to Fun Winter sites that Mrs. Strehlow shared with me.  Students love creating their own Gingerbread cookies and designing them using clicking and dragging skills.  Next week Kindergartners will be virtually visiting the north pole on our Fun with Santa sites.

Anyone who visits our library sees how it is used by several groups for presentations, demonstrations, displays, etc.  This week was no exception as Junior Optimists used the library tables to assemble Christmas care packages.  A good time was had by all, in addition to a lesson in the importance of helping others.

  1st graders have been using Education City to enhance their knowledge of recent classroom topics   including habitats.  We have also been sharing stories about the importance of giving to others with stories like Too Many Toys.  It is great to hear of all the ideas young children have to give back to others!

2nd graders discovered how author David Shannon writes and illustrates his book while watching an interview of him from the Scholastic web site.  His funny seasonal story, Too Many Toys, has great illustrations to go along with a very cute story.  2nd graders have also been busy creating Wordles – whether they focus on words from long ago Christmases or using descriptive words about themselves – they are awesome creations to see!

3rd graders have been busy the last few weeks blogging to their teachers, to each other and to me on our library Question of the Week.  Mrs. Merriam’s class is the latest to enter the blogging sphere – it is great to see students excited about writing and sharing their ideas with others.

4th grade has been busy word processing and learning how to login as themselves and use their own passwords.  Mrs. Treptow’s class taught Ms Thompson’s class how to use Inspiration in the library computer lab.  I have been sharing book trailers with students when they come to check out books.  For examples of book trailers, check out our book trailer link.

5th grade has been focusing on poetry lately and I had fun sharing poetry web sites and doing a “poetry race” with them on Giggle Poetry.  Mrs. D’s record of 15 seconds was beaten by Mr. Hughes (14) and the cheers from his class could be heard well beyond the library!

Our Battle of the Books team met again this past week and we did a Prongo game using titles and authors from this year’s battle books.  Mrs. Reimer has also joined our group of advisors so Mr. Podeweltz, Mrs. Becker and I are thrilled to have another book enthuiast joining us!

As we enter our last week before winter vacation, I encourage students to continue to hand in Book Bug sheets – I will work on creating a Book Bug update list for our web page.


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