The Caldecott Challenge

New Year’s resolutions come in all forms.  Sometimes I have resolved to exercise more (like every year), spend more time with my family and friends, follow my personal passions (writing, artwork) and every year – for more than 20 years – I resolve to read more.  I am a librarian, right?  So reading should be an every day activity but during our busy lives, reading can fall into the background and become easily overlooked.

So this year I am signing up for the Caldecott Challenge – which involves reading all of the Caldecott winning books at some time during 2012.  

The goal: Read all Caldelcott Books and Honor books in 2012 and blog (and tweet #MrsDembowski) about my progress along with other readers.  I invite you to Join the Challenge over on another fellow librarian’s blog – Laura’s Blog entitled LibLaura5.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those beautiful picture books.  It is going to be a lot of fun to read these books.

This is a stress free challenge–so join us–read what you can, or what you want.  Just READ…and enjoy the beautiful pictures too!

Check out the wonderful books that have been Caldecott winners!  


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