Happy New Year!

Returning from a restful Christmas break, the busy atmosphere here at Riverside returns.  Kindergartners are studying about winter and winter clothes – We had a good conversation about how we spent our breaks and we read the big book Caps, Hats, Socks and Mittens.  Later in the week, students used Education city and tried out a few of the activities.  We now have an icon on our desktops that makes logging in much easier for everyone.  We also have some 3rd grade volunteers from Mrs. Staff’s class who come in and help kindergartners who need it – We really appreciate their help!

When 1st graders visited the library we read Snow Day by Barbara Joose.  This month 1st graders are working on writing snow stories.  Many had plenty of suggestions for activities to do on a snow day.

2nd graders and I discussed how point of view is cleverly depicted in Lester Laminack’s book Snow Day.  Love books that lead you thinking in one direction and then, on the very last page, they surprise you!

3rd graders shared with me what they did special during their holiday break – either talking with me during check out time or blogging their answers on our Question of the Week.

Our 4th graders had a chance to see author Rick Riordan discuss his book The Last Hero from an Amazon.com video clip.  Several also shared vacation stories and blogged their thoughts.

Two of our 5th grade classes are starting to check out mystery books….We talked about how many of them are labeled in our library with mystery spine labels.  On Friday I worked with Mr. Hughes class recording Voicethread book talks and hopefully we will finish those on Monday the 9th.  They are doing a great job with those!

This week our Battle of the Books group met and we did a Draw5 activity, practicing similar questions that our finalists will be taking in February.  We have great participants!



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