Battle of the Books Continues…

This year Riverside Elementary School is participating in the statewide Battle of the Books program, which is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. This program encourages students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of those books.

Currently we have 14 fourth and fifth grade students participating and the team will eventually end up with four students and one alternate who will represent the school in the statewide competition the last full week of February.  It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.

Riverside’s team has Mrs. Dembowski, Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Reimer and Mr. Podeweltz as advisors and the group meets during lunch times on Thursdays.  There have been a variety of fun activities including trivia challenges.  Students have also written book reviews, which can be currently viewed on our library blog under the Riverside Readers tab.

This past week students were excited to get Battle of the Books t-shirts and start taking turns borrowing a Nook which has several of the books downloaded on it.

For more information about all of the activities taking place district-wide, check out the district Battle of the Books at


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