Starlab visits

The Starlab Plantarium visited the library this past week and as a result we had many excited 2nd and 4th graders.  Mrs. Reimer taught all five second grade classes while retired teacher Mike Higgins, taught the 4th graders all about the constellations.

Since Digital Learning Day, there has been a lot of learning going on in our library and school.  Kindergarten students celebrated the 100th day of school and in celebration we discussed school-related stories including Monty.  We have also been reading Valentine stories like The Valentine Grump and One Zillion Valentines.  We used our computer time to try out a new website discovered by Mrs. Strehlow called Cookies – click here to visit the site and enjoy!

1st graders have also been a busy bunch – They also celebrated the 100th day of school and we have been reading friendship and Valentine related stories such as The Missing Tooth and Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink.  Mrs. Marquardt’s class has been working with me in the computer lab using Tux Paint to create illustrations for their classroom book.  We are very proud of their wonderful illustrations.

2nd graders have been listening to Mrs. Schwan’s classroom Voicethread book talks – getting great suggestions for books to read.  I also worked with Mrs. Bauman and Mrs. King, assisting students with getting pictures of their famous person and pasting it onto a Word document.  Mrs. Mergendaul’s and Mrs. Reimer’s classes were introduced to World Book online and the search engine DuckDuckGo to search for facts about their famous artist (M) and dinosaurs (R).  This week 2nd graders also were introduced to Scholastic BookFlix – a great subscription service which provides side-by-side comparisons of fiction and non-fiction titles on the same topic.  We looked at the biography on George Washington in honor of President’s Day.

3rd graders have been busy typing up their fables in the computer lab.  It is quite a challenge to write your own fable with a moral but our 3rd graders have met the challenge and succeeded!  I am working with Mrs. Schwan to create a class book of fables to put in our library collection.  Students are also continuing to blog with me on our Question of the Week.  I enjoy their responses.

Our computer labs have been bustling with busy 4th graders, writing and editing their Alien stories.  This week we talked about science fiction stories and I showed them an Animoto displaying the covers of just some of the books you can find in our library collection.

5th graders are working on writing and word processing their mystery stories.  This week we talked about mystery stories that can be found in our library collection and watched an Animoto I made on them.  It’s great to see how book talks get students excited about reading!

The past few weeks students and staff have enjoyed the Blabberize website that we have been using to promote the Paws on our Hearts fundraiser sponsored by K – 1 students and staff.  Click here for a cute message for a great cause!


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