E-books Are Here!

Riverside library has officially entered the world of e-books with the addition of FollettShelf to our library collection.  So far we have 22 titles of books that can be viewed and read electronically – being checked out from our library by staff, and soon, students.  These books will also be a great teaching tool to help extend and enhance lessons taught in the classroom.

This week Kindergartners used weather websites to practice a variety of activities – everything from creating their own clouds to dressing a “teddy” to match the weather outside.

1st graders discovered new math websites that they can used either in the computer labs or if they have Internet access (and parent permission) from home.  Mrs. Marquardt’s class finished their book made with Tux Paint illustrations (entitled The Incredible Adventures of 1st grade), we read it in the library and then had a drawing to see who gets to check it out.  The excitement was contagious!

2nd graders were introduced to joke and riddle books, along with a great read-aloud Don’t Laugh at This Book by Stevenson.  The joke books flew off of shelves and display area!

3rd graders in Mrs. Schwan’s class and Mrs. Gauger’s class were excited to see that their classroom book of Fables was ready for checking out of the library.  There fables and illustrations are wonderful!

4th graders watched a BrainPop movie about Science Fair projects – this week marks the 10th anniversary of the Riverside Science Fair overseen by Mr. Hughes.  Mrs. Goertz and Ms. Goldbach’s 4th graders just finished a Voicethread poetry project using poems from the books You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You and Joyful Noise.  This project truly represents the importance of collaboration and team work – click here to watch and listen – the first poem is read by Mrs. Goertz and Ms. Goldbach!

5th graders were introduced to the fantasy genre – Fantasy Books at Riverside – check out this animoto featuring some of the great books that fall into that category in our library collection!

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