What’s happening?

Another busy week has come and gone at Riverside Elementary….Kindergartners left the library this week with their first library book.  We discussed the importance of good library citizenship and I am confident we will have some very careful and respectful library citizens!

1st graders reviewed good book care with our Yes/No game, with many more positives than negatives.  Many students were checking the inside of their library books for tears and writing.  It is great to see such conscientious readers!

2nd graders reviewed the importance of choosing at least one book that is “just right” for them.  Reading Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians helped to connect to that lesson.  We also reviewed how using library buddies to select books off the shelves helps us keep books in the right spot on the shelves.

3rd graders practiced blogging with me by logging on to Kidblog and answering the Question of the Week (3rd grade).  We also used our online library catalog to review how to look up books by subject, author and title.  Remembering to look at the call number helps us when we are looking for those books on the shelves.

4th graders and 5th graders practiced logging in as themselves with their own district login and password.  We discussed the technology agreements each student signs at the beginning of the year and why those agreements are so important.  After logging in students took my student survey as a way to help me get to know them better.

5th graders started helping in our Library Crew – This year we have 67 members!  We appreciate everything they are doing to make our library run efficiently.

Our computer labs were busy places also….Kindergartners using Starfall to practice their ABCs, 1st graders using ABCya, 2nd graders using Wordle, 3rd graders practicing keyboarding, 4th graders word processing poems and 5th graders word processing student interviews.

I have also worked with Mrs. Bauman, Mrs. Reimer, Ms. Wegner and Mrs. Staff’s classes creating Wordles the past few weeks….It is great to see all of the wonderful resources the library has to offer being used so effectively!


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