How may we help you?

A recent visitor commented on how busy Riverside’s library is and asked me, “Is it always like this?”  I answered with a smile on my face, “Yes – thank goodness!”

This week we officially welcome one new face and one returning to the library.  Mrs. Lehman will be assisting me in the mornings while Mrs. Becker will be assisting me in the afternoons.  Mrs. Hanson will be popping in and out during mornings and afternoons depending on the day.  Without dedicated support staff such as this our library could not function efficiently and I am very grateful for all that do!

This week Kindergartners identified community helpers with me as we shared the story Community Helpers.  It was great to see how many students could identify specific job titles of people who help us in our local communities.

1st graders and I discussed the topic of bullying (October is National Anti-bullying Month) and we read Lucy and the Bully.

2nd graders reviewed parts of a computer and why each one is so important.  Some students were also using adjective websites Mrs. D. put on the school webpage to connect with their classroom learning.

3rd graders and I discussed audio book kits and how to take proper care of them.  Several were checked out this week.  Many students also blogged Mrs. D. on the Question of the Week.

4th graders and I discussed the Question of the Week and I also shared with 4th grade teachers a Tall Tale presentation they could use in their classrooms since tall tales are being focused on.

5th graders saw an Animoto of the newest books from the fall of 2012 that we purchased this school year.  Many were busy with their Library Crew duties and helping us keep the library organized.  That is very much appreciated!

Want to know what a #1 Voice sounds like in the library?  Just go to this YouTube video and watch (and listen!)  Great job Riverside students!


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