21st Century Skills

21st century skills can be seen in action in the library and in classrooms throughout our school.  Mrs. Staff’s and Mrs. Schwan’s classes were introduced to the MacAir laptops this week by Mrs. D.  It was exciting to see students using them for their latest research project.  Mrs. Rosewicz and Mrs. Lorge had fifth grade classes using Google Docs on the laptops and in the library computer lab on Friday afternoon.  Several other classes were in to type their personal narratives, practice keyboarding, use the math website Sumdog and use Kid-Friendly search engines for research.

Mrs. Mergendaul’s class learned how to use World Book online and Gogooligans to find facts about their famous landmark or national park.  Many students remember how to find images and copy/paste them from last year’s 2nd grade Powerpoint project.  It is great to see student knowledge transfer from one grade to another.

Mrs. Lorge’s class is now set up to start their Glogster biography project.  I can’t wait to see how creative the 5th graders will be with this presentation tool!

We also now have a subscription to BrainPop Jr., along with BrainPop.  Stop in to see Mrs. D. for login information.

Looking for online safety tips, read Mrs. D’s latest column from the Everest Herald.


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