Book Fair Results

Thank you to all parents, students and teachers who purchased items during this year’s book fair.  This year’s book fair was a big success, with the library making a profit of over $1,400.  That money will be used to support the library collection and its programs, including purchasing supplies such as laminating film and computer ink cartridges, prizes for our reading incentive program and Library Crew, and new bean bags for leisure reading.


Thanks also to all  of the students and staff who helped set up the book fair and assisted with taking it down and packing it up Wednesday afternoon.

A special thanks to Marie Becker for calling and organizing the volunteers for this year’s book fair.  Her efforts helped to secure a great group of parent and grandparent volunteers.

They are: Chris Mergen, Amy Dettman, Joy Frystak, Joe and Sara Proulx, Willie and Marie Becker, Deb Watz, Angie Witt,  Sharon Belton, Gina Lehman, Katie Gilles,  Amy Stack and Denise Sousa.

Thank you to everyone who made purchases and helped support the Riverside IMC program.  It was a pleasure to meet and visit with you during conferences.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of all of you!  Thanks again!


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