iPads and more…

It has been said that schools are the heart of a community and libraries are the soul…I think that anyone who visits Riverside library can not disagree with that statement.

This week students have been introduced to our upcoming Read-a-thon fundraiser and all of the great prizes they can earn, while reading at the same time.  Check out this Powerpoint that goes into more detail…

3rd graders who met their Accelerated Reader goals in Miss Jensen’s, Mrs. Gauger’s and Mrs. Schwan’s classes were treated to a pizza lunch by the P.T.O. in the library story pit.  We are so proud of our readers!pizzaar

Mrs. Marquardt’s class was introduced to iPads and digital story apps such as Storia.  Students learned about our iPad rules and how and why we need to take good care of our newest technology resource.DSCN0125

2nd and 3rd graders were busy working in the computer labs using PebbleGo to research information about their famous person.  Many were also busy learning how to copy and paste images of their famous person from GoGooligans and giving credit to the website they were getting their images from.  Important research knowledge that they will use again and again throughout their school years.

Digital Learning Day is coming up next week!  Check out our website on the exciting events planned for that special day!


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