Starlab visits

The past several days have involved a variety of visitors and activities in the library.  Last week 2nd and 4th grade students and teachers enjoyed the annual Starlab visit to the library.  Mrs. Reimer and Mr. Higgins provided detailed descriptions of the constellations displayed inside.  starlab

Kindergartners were read friendship/Valentine stories with Mrs. Dembowski, including The Missing Tooth by Joanna Cole. They also enjoyed a visit from a local actor portraying Abraham Lincoln.  This week there are many eager Kindergartners learning how to use their library buddy to select a book off of the shelves for the first time.  Fun!

1st graders are being reminded of the importance of using the IPICK method when selecting books that are good fits for their current reading abilities.  Red dot books are always a good choice when looking for beginning reader books too!

2nd graders are discussing the 2013 Caldecott winning book, This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen, along with reviewing past winners since the award was first given in 1938.

3rd graders are busy finishing typing up their fables and illustrating them – We can’t wait until we can put them together as classroom library books to be cataloged and checked out from our library!  beanbags

Mrs. Treptow and Miss Thompson’s classes are displaying their “pizza biographies” around the library.  Stop in and learn many fascinating facts about a variety of famous individuals!

Mrs. Becker has just completed another “cluster display” using poster boards – this time highlighting fantasy books.  Mrs. Lorge’s class is currently starting their studying of that genre.

This afternoon our final Battle of the Books team took the state test.  We should hear about the results early next week.  bob


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