WEMTA 2013 Highlights – Day 1


Implementing the Common Core with TeachingBooks.net – This K-12 database http://www.teachingbooks.net/ provides several resources on authors and books that can help enliven library and reading activities for elementary schools as well as directly supporting the Common Core Standards.  This site has a “How to Use” at the bottom of the homepage.  There are lesson plans already linked there, interviews of  authors both video and audio, video book trailers, etc.  Have a subject area where you are looking for resources?    Browse by genre, book websites….all by narrowing down by grade level.

Using Google Chrome with Struggling Students – Google Chrome is much more than “just a browser”…Resources for this session:  http://tinyurl.com/wemta.13Chrome and collaborative document http://goo.gl/1hMvN OmniBar is your search bar.  Incognito window allows a person to login while you are still logged in on your computer.  Chrome web store has apps and extensions.  Suggested extensions – 1) Google Read&Write (an extension) and within Docs students can listen to their writing (only runs in Docs), 2) Under Tools in Docs – Research – search the Internet, drag and drop (and this includes citations), 3)  Evernote Clearly extension, pulls out only important information and eliminates “distractions”, 4)  Tab Cloud – allows you to have one place to access and have all windows and links open (HUGE timesaver), 5)  Announceify extension – grays out text that is NOT being read to help get rid of distractions. 6)  Speak It – just a text to speak engine – highlight what you want to hear.  Suggested apps – 1)  Speech Recognizer Bootstrapified – speech to text app, a complete word processing tool including images, 2)  Lucidchart – collaborative graphic organizer (like Inspiration) – 3) Voicenote – speech to text – this is a full word processing, 4) Chrome Speak – voice to text option – you can control the speed of the read back, 5)  Weather window – get visuals of weather and temps from around the world (good for K-1), 6) InstaGrok – research, graphic organizer and note taker all in one, 7)  EasyBib extension, 8) Google url Shortener – easiest way to make a short URL., 9) Turn Out the Lights extension – blacks out all of the side distractions – 10) Ginger Grammar and Spell Check – WOW – what an informative session!!

Connecting with Authors and Illustrators –  https://www.smore.com/559e and http://readingtl.blogspot.com – Skyping with authors is fun and easy.  This session introduced us to the author of Boy and Bot, Ame Dykeman, using Skype – she was a very enthusiastic  author who presented from New Jersey.  We also learned about “mystery” skypes – which involve more preplanning on your part.  An example was playing 20 questions with another classroom from another state and students used the clues to try and guess the state the students were skyping from (great social studies activity).

Luncheon – presentation of Common School Funds check to Tony Evers ($30 million for WI public school libraries) – for more background on what that fund is, go to http://imt.dpi.wi.gov/imt_csf_expl

DSCN0218Keynote – Design Is What Matters by Ken Shelton – back channel at http://todaysmeet.com/wemta13 – looking at physical design of space to make it an efficient learner experience.  Also discussed the power of book trailers and QR codes to encourage readers (Yea!)

And the “-Ize” Have It! – Using social media to discover, implement and promote library events was the focus of this session.   http://amykline.wikispaces.com/WEMTA2013 The Centered School Library idea is intriguing – Ideas can be found at http://librarycenters.blogspot.com/


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  1. Thanks for mentioning Lucidchart!

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