A flurry of activity…

This past week the library was filled throughout the day with classes, many coming back to back, working on finishing up projects before school ends next week.  Students from all grade levels were working on writing projects ranging from research papers to poetry to PowerPoints.  One of our collaborative projects has been the 2nd grade PowerPoints students made with a partner or in a group of three, on a specific habitat.  Soon I will upload the final projects to Slideshare so that parents can see these awesome projects too!DSCN0308

As Mrs. D. attempted to bounce around the library to help where ever  needed, she and Mrs. Becker worked at scanning our library collection and doing our end-of-the-year inventory.  As the shelves fill back up with materials, we are reminded at what great collection we possess.  As the Common Core Standards have been implemented this year, I have worked at trying to “fill in the gaps” in our collection – most notably tall tales, mythology and biographies.  We also didn’t forget the suggestions made from students and staff.

Since I have been at Riverside, our collection has grown from 10,956 titles to 15,850 titles.  We have added an audio book collection for students, additional magazine titles, a graphic novel collection and an expanded biography section.  We have also implemented a Library Crew of 5th grade volunteers who help us keep the library looking neat and orderly and we appreciated everything they did this past school year.

As summer approaches I urge students to not forget about all of the opportunities to expand on your reading.  Check out our Summer Reading Websites link on our school webpage. http://riversideelementaryschool.weebly.com/summer-reading-websites.html 

Also – the list of books for next year’s Battle of the Books is out – Check out this animoto http://animoto.com/play/lGC08p8Bgq6RpN9T4Rzs6g 


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