2nd grade PowerPoints

All of the 2nd graders worked very hard on their habitat PowerPoints.  Please click on the following links to see them.  Please note that transitions and animations do not transfer on the Slideshare website.  Great job everybody!

Rainforests by Carson, Tolu and Jesse

Rainforests by Adin and Jack

Prairies by Jacob and Jeremiah

Caves by Mason and Max

Caves by Colin and Xander

Arctic by Veronica and Alexandra

Prairies and Grasslands by Jessalyn and Mulan

Oceans by Mckenna and Malia

Ponds by Tommy and Nicholas

Prairies by Mariah and Brooklyn

Caves by Parker and Xander

Ponds by Ellia and Sydney

Deserts by McKenzie, Natalie and Jamie

Deserts by Josie and Jennifer

Oceans by Lehna and Sadie

Oceans by Anika and Maria

Grasslands by Caleb, Hunter and Braxten

Rainforest by Elizabeth and Savannah

Ponds by Alexander and Eli

Caves by Clay and Hayden

Caves by Jaxton and Kolton

Oceans by Max and Cameron

Oceans by Kylee and Lucy

Deserts by Jackson, Ava and Ethan

Deserts by Madeline and Lily

Deserts by Emma and Audrey

Antarctic by Nina and Claire


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