The library opens…

Riverside Elementary Library opened on Monday, Sept. 9th and the week was a very busy one.  I meet with all 25 classrooms to explain library procedures and our goals, one of which is to focus on using a #1 voice when in the library or computer labs.

Kindergartners were introduced to our library and learned our five book care rules – 1) Have clean hands, 2) Turn your pages carefully, 3) Keep crayons, pens and markers away from books, 4) Keep books away from younger siblings and pets and 5) Keep your book safe in your backpack.  We had sample books to show them what happens when those rules aren’t followed.  We also practiced body basics and raising hands.  Next week – students get to check out a book for the first time!checkout

1st and 2nd graders reviewed book care and library expectations.  We shared summer vacation stories and students were re-introduced to my own family, including our cats, Pete and Kiwi, through summer photos.  It is fun to hear how students enjoyed their time off.

3rd, 4th and 5th graders reviewed library expectations, were introduced to our library blog and reviewed check out procedures and computer care.  I was excited to have over 56 fifth graders sign up to help us with our Library Crew this year!

Our tables and carts were filled with new books to start our our school year.  It was great to see all of the excited and eager readers we have at Riverside!

I look forward to another great school year!


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