How may we help you?

Another busy week at Riverside included “picture day”, where all students and staff went through the library Thursday morning to get their school pictures taken – an event that has to be seen to be believed.  Thanks so much to the parent volunteers who made this process go as smoothly as possible.pictureday

I want to take a moment also to thank our library support staff.  Mrs. Lehman  assists me in the mornings while Mrs. Becker assists me in the afternoons.  Mrs. Hanson pops in and out during mornings and afternoons depending on the day. Without dedicated support staff such as this our library could not function efficiently and I am very grateful for all that do!  With roughly 1,000 books circulating every week, we could not provide the services we do without their dedication and hard work!cart

This week Kindergartners identified community helpers with me as we shared the story Community Helpers.  It was great to see how many students could identify specific job titles of people who help us in our local communities.

This month I am collaborating with Mrs. Reinardy for anti-bullying month.  We are sharing ideas for resources and read-alouds.

1st graders and I discussed the topic of bullying and how we can stop it.  We read Lucy and the Bully while 2nd graders and I read Nobody Knew What to Do.  Both are great discussion starters on this important topic.

3rd graders and I reviewed the library catalog again and how to search for specific titles and subjects.

4th graders and 5th graders saw some Book Hooks, including Amulet series, which flew off the shelves!  Many 5th graders were busy with their Library Crew duties.  This week I handed out their T-shirts and they were very excited – There work is very much appreciated!


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