Book Fair Success

Thank you to everyone who purchased books at our recent book fair!  A special thank you to all of the volunteers who helped Mrs. Dembowski to make this event possible – Kay Aldrian, Amy Allen, Willie, Joe and Marie Becker, Sharon Belton, Dawn Clifton, Kathleen Dennis, Amy Dettman, Bailey Hughes, Corinne Hopkins, Gina Lehman, Michelle Lindell, Chris Mergen, Kevin Podeweltz, Sara Proulx, Lisa Salter, Denise Sousa, Amy Stack, Diane Tilkens and Angela Witt. 

1385868199Profits from this event will be used to support library programs such as the Book Bugs Reading program, Library Crew and Battle of the Books.

Mrs. Schwan’s and Mrs. Gauger’s 3rd graders finished working on their biographies using Kid-Friendly Search Engines, Pebble Go, World Book online and Ducksters Biographies.  Here is a Flipsnack online book so you can learn some of the cool facts these students learned about their famous person – Enjoy!


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