Google brochures

I usually try to post every week but the last few weeks have been anything but ordinary.  Over Christmas break my mother-in-law was placed in hospice and died on January 4th.  Following funeral leave I ended up with a case of influenza.

So sometimes life throws you a few curve balls but the saying is true….You can’t control what happens to you, only how you react to it.  Fortunately I work with many thoughtful people who have given their support to me in numerous ways…They know who they are and they know how appreciative I am.

Getting back to school…One of our recent projects that I think turned out great took several weeks to complete but was very much worth all of the time and effort.  Collaborating with Mrs. Goertz and Mrs. Mergendahl we ended up working with students in all five 4th grade classes on a Google brochure project where students worked with a partner to create a brochure “advertising” all of the features of the state they researched.

Besides using cooperative skills working with their partner, students practiced researching, both online and using a new set of state books from our library collection.  Students also became active users of their Google accounts and learned how to take a template that I created, copy it and make it their own product.  In other words, 21st century skills in action!

See below for an example of this work:

brochure1             brochure2


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