MLK and Skitch

This past week when I met with Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes we used the app Skitch on my Ipad to come up with “powerful words” to describe how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. impacted our society.  It was a very interesting experience listening to how these young children interpret Dr. King’s dream and their ideas were a testament to how far we have come since his death in 1968.

mzl.fpovqcwkSkitch is great app that can be used in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few ideas…taking a photo or image from the Internet or a textbook and expanding on student’s prior knowledge, using a science diagram and adding more vocabulary to it using the arrow feature on Skitch, taking photos of students on the Ipad and using them from your camera roll to add positive words to describe themselves or their classmates…the possibilities are endless…

This week Battle of the Books students met again with Mrs. D. and Mr. Podeweltz and received their Battle T-Shirt….we are really working on practicing our questions.  In a few weeks we will have students take their final test to determine who our five members will be on our final team for the state competition.Unknown-2

3rd graders were introduced to the Pete the Cat series (great for reading to your reading buddies), while 4th graders learned from the author of Darth Paper how to create a Star Wars finger puppet using origami.  5th graders met author Dan Gutman (My Weird School series and many more).  Below is just one example of the book trailers classes viewed.


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