What’s New?

This week has been another busy one at Riverside.  Kindergartners and 1st graders were introduced to a link Mrs. D. added to the Student Websites portion of our webpage.  Created by one of my favorite teacher blogs (Matt Gomez of Texas) his site contains 170 ebooks for Young Kids – many made with Safesharetv links to avoid all of the YouTube “extras” we don’t need to see.  The National Geographic Book  link was also highlighted which is another great non-fiction resource.

All other grades saw an Animoto highlighting the newest books added to our library collection.  There were many excited readers this week!  Check out What’s New 2014 by clicking here.

Mrs. D. was working with Mrs. Mergendahl’s 4th graders on their biography project.  We are trying out the app FaceJack to record first person narratives of their famous person.  To see an example of how it works, check out the recording Mrs. D. did with her son Michael for the promotion of the upcoming Cupcakes for a Cause fund-raiser.1392818246

We also celebrated our Battle of the Books group, having a pizza party at noon on Wednesday.  Thanks to Mr. Podeweltz for his co-coaching this year.  Our final team was decided and we will have Emily, Carrie, Lucas and Aliya as our final team with Nolan as our alternate.  We will take the state test next week!  I can’t believe it is already the end of February….

DSCN0829Speaking of the end of February, those Read-a-thon packets are coming in and we are excited how many books students have read this year.  Profits from this fund-raiser are used to support our library program, including our Battle of the Books group.


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