Empowering our patrons…

As I am working with students in different classes and grade levels and gathering resources for teachers that support their lesson plans, I am reminded of an article I recently read entitled, “The Mission of Librarians is to Empower” – http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2014/01/roy-tennant-digital-libraries/mission-librarians-empowerment/

images-3This article was a great reminder of the power of the human element of library services and the importance of people who provide those services.  Working together, through collaboration of everyone – classroom teachers, specialists, support staff – creates a successful library program and, in turn, a successful school.  The cliche “there’s no I in TEAM” really is true.  I am grateful for all of my co-workers who share with me and collaborate with me – together, as a team, we do great things for our students!

The last few weeks students at several grade levels have been (or will shortly start doing) researching.  I always like to remind students of the importance of checking your resources to make sure they accurate.  Riverside students have been using Kid-Friendly Search engines, online databases provided through Badgerlink and online subscriptions such as World Book Online and PebbleGo.  Don’t forget to check out this website which is a great reminder of taking the time to make sure the websites you are using are relevant and accurate:

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 8.33.00 PM


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