So much to see…so much to do…at your library…

Last week Mrs. D shared Mother’s Day stories with Kindergarten and 1st graders, including Just Me and My Mom and The Night Before Mother’s Day.  Students were anxious to share what they planned to do to show their own mothers their appreciation for them.

2nd through 5th graders were asked by Mrs. D to create a “wish list” of titles of new books they would like to see added our library collection.  Mrs. Becker created a Student Suggestion box for future suggestions.  Thank you for your creativity, Mrs. Becker!

Wednesday after school interested students participating in “Screen Free Week”, who pledged not to use digital devices all week, had the opportunity to take part in a “Library Lock-in”.  Games were played, books were read and art work was done.

Thursday night Mrs. Staff’s “Night of the Notables” took place in the library.  Check out the Tellagami app movie we made of students describing their famous person.

Friday afternoon the 4th grade Wax Museum took place and students in Mrs. Goertz’s and Mr. Podeweltz’s class showed attendees their Google Presentations on their famous WI place.  Thanks to Mrs. Hanson for taking pictures of the event in both the library and gym – Click here for an Animoto highlighting this fun event!



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