Internet Safety and So Much More…

playgroundThe past few weeks have flown by with students at all grade levels learning about the importance of internet safety, including what to do if you encounter a cyber bully.

Mrs. D used a variety of websites with students that can be found on our internet safety website, which has excellent resources for parents also.

Kindergartners have been using their mouse skills to create jack-o-lanterns that we printed from the Carve a Pumpkin activity on the web site ABCya.  We also reviewed how Community helpers such as fire fighters support our community.

1st graders reviewed what to do if they encounter bullies and why kindness is the key to being a good citizen of our school and life in general.  BrainPopJr. has an excellent video and follow-up quizzes on the topic.

2nd graders created Wordles about themselves for their writing journals.  Students in older grades also created PBIS Wordles that we are displaying around the school and that we have given to specialists.

3rd graders are using Kid-Friendly search engines as they research their U.S. landmarks.  They also learned internet safety and the importance of not sharing personal information online.

4th graders did an excellent job of discussing what a digital footprint is and why you must really focus on kind words when posting comments online.garfield

5th graders have been finishing up their memoirs in our computer labs, along with internet safety lessons that emphasize steps that can be taken to stop cyber bullies.  Mrs. Lorge’s class is finishing their iMovies on various areas of the library and how it use them.challenge

We have a few projects in the works that Mrs. D will be sharing in the upcoming days.  Enjoy this fall weather while it lasts!


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