Remembering the Dream

The past few weeks since winter break have been filled with activities in our library.  Kindergarten and 1st graders are practicing logging into the computers using their own logins and passwords.  Mrs. D added a link to Kindergarten and 1st grade websites entitled Great Nonfiction Books for Young Readers – put together by blogger Matt Gomez.  Students have been viewing and reading several books from that site after they are successfully logged into their computers.

2nd graders practiced inserting clipart in Microsoft Word using a Winter Words activity.  3rd graders have been writing about either their winter break vacation or their dreams for the future.  Please click on the links to see the online Flipsnack books of their writing using Google Docs.mlk1

Mrs. D used her new AppleTV in the library to show students how to use the app Skitch.  4th graders took pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. and added powerful, positive words to describe him.  Please visit our Riverside homepage to see a slideshow Mrs. D put together of all of their creations.

5th graders used Google Presentations to create two slides – one of Martin Luther King Jr. and other of their own dreams for the world.  Please click on the following link to see the online Flipsnack book of their writing.



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