Use libraries and learn stuff…

What’s been happening lately?  Well our kindergartners and 1st graders are getting better at logging in as themselves with each visit to the library.  Once logged in kindergartners are creating an online snowman and printing it.  Mrs. D is also sharing her favorite winter stories, including Snow! by Roy McKie and P.D. Eastman.  1st graders are using a painting website to have students practice their mouse skills and stir their creative juices.  Each student does their best to draw a snowman and decorate it.10397_2035661.pjpeg

2nd graders were introduced to the story creation website, My StoryMaker, where students can practice choosing characters, emotions, plot and setting to put together a story of their own.  Once made, an online code is shared so students could write it down on a sticky note and bring up the story at home.  If time was available, we also printed them.

3rd graders have been reviewing how to use the online catalog to look up a specific book in our library, write down the title and call number, locate it and bring it to Mrs. D.  Many students enjoyed the challenge so much, they asked to do multiple “scavenger hunts”.

4th graders reviewed what online resources are and the difference between websites and databases such as World Book online.  Students used notecards to record one unique fact they found (using World Book online) about the planet Venus.  Mrs. D enjoyed reading them and displayed them on the wall outside of the pit.worldbook

5th graders in Mrs. Lorge’s class created book reviews using the trailer template on Imovie.  Here is an example for you to enjoy.  I love how the trailer template challenges you to use both images and short phrases to create an ad for your product.  Please visit the Riverside Library Youtube channel to see all of our trailers so far.

With a month left before the final Battle of the Books competition, 4th graders continue to meet with Mr. Podeweltz and Mrs. Goertz, while 5th graders meet with Mrs. D (all on Day 5 at lunch time).


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