Teach Your Monster to Read and more…

tymtr-smiley-monster-4During our last rotation Kindergarten and 1st grade students were introduced to a new phonics and reading program called Teach Your Monster to Read.  Students had logins created by Mrs. D and when they first logged in they were instructed to create their “monster” avatar.  Once the avatar was created students moved through various levels teaching their monster how to read.  During that “teaching process” students were practicing reading themselves while earning prizes for their avatar.  This program also saves their work so the next time they log in (either at school or home) they can continue where they left off.

Mrs. D and Mrs. Reinardy have been working together the last two rotations with the 5th graders on their career research (using CareerLocker) and creating a Google presentation called All About Me, which students will be sharing with their parents in April.  It was great to see how creative students were with their presentations!

Friday March 13th was the official national Digital Learning Day.  Mrs. D created a short animoto depicting how Riverside students have been creating digitally in our library/computer classes this year.  Please click here to see it!



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