WEMTA Conference Day 2, Monday March 23

Session 1 – Motivation, Growth Mindset and Digital Writing – presentation link – Growth Mindset is a belief system that suggests that one’s intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence, effort and a focus on learning.  This session discussed how you can use your own personal experiences to motivate your students and connect with them.  What is your growth journey?  Many resources can be found in the presentation, including several picture books that could be used as mentor texts in your classroom.  Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci is an excellent resource for teachers.Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 8.20.54 AM

Keynote Presentation – Professional Development By Design by Kristen Swanson –  how can professional development reflect what is needed and when it is useful?  She discussed the User Generated Learning model which is made up of curation, reflection and contribution,  Curation – Feedly is an excellent online service that shows you the top blogs in various fields – Twitter is also excellent.

Reflection – what do I do with information I curated?  Blogging is a great option.  Contribution – how do you give back?  Edcamp, TEDx – finding ways to share ideas and successes with your colleagues – “It is about a conversation, not a lecture.”

Session 2 – Makerspace Without a lot of Space – Integrating augmented reality into your school by having a faculty photo wall, school tours, book reviews, a living art gallery, student of the month, etc.  Using Lego WeDo for a “Makerspace Monday”.  Wales Makespace Symbaloos website by Stephanie Wieczorek.  3D Tin is great to use, just log in with your Google account.  Classbadges.com is a great website to create a badge program for a classroom so students have a choice and a voice.

customLogo.gifSession 3 – Reading is Not Enough – NewsELA – Find an article, share it with students, talk about lexile levels and assigning text at a student’s level.  Think Cerca.com – select articles (Grade band), assign to students, vocabulary and auditory supports and monitors performance on quiz.  Rewordify.com – also a great text “leveling” tool.

Session 4 – Get Them to Read with Video! – using book trailers to get kids wanting to read books has been something I have been doing for several years and this session  had great suggestions.  Using Poll Everywhere to get ideas from the audience of how they used book trailers.  Sources for online book trailers – Children’s Book Center, HarperKids, Penguin Teen, Random House Kids, Book Trailers for All, Abrams Books and Melissa P. McAvoy.

Voki Classroom can be used without an age limit – students speak through an avatar.  With Google search, Search Tools, Usage Rights, Noncommercial Reuse with Modification – you can get pictures that do not violate copyright laws.

Resources from all of the sessions at the conference can be found at : https://sites.google.com/a/wemta.org/wemta15resources/



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