Don’t Let the Pigeon…

pigeonDuring our last rotation Kindergartners were introduced to various online paint tools as they practiced to complete a 10 page online coloring book.  The Kea Coloring book has a variety of coloring tools and templates.  Students also tried writing their first name with their mouse.  To try out the website, click here.

1st graders had a blast creating their own ending to Mo Willems’s story Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  Using directions from the author, Mrs. D demonstrated how to draw the pigeon using the online drawing site, Paint, from ABCya.  Then students went to their computers and made their own creations.  Mrs. D was impressed with what they come up with!

2nd graders in Mrs. King’s class created Concrete Poems about spring.  They could either use an existing template of a spring animal or object or draw their own using their mouse.  Then they filled it in with words that have to do with spring.  Mrs. D is looking forward to continuing this project with the other 2nd grades in our next rotation.poem

3rd, 4th and 5th graders used with Typing Club or Dancemat Typing to practice their keyboarding skills during their 1/2 hour rotation this time.

Mrs. D was also working on getting our circulation records transferred to our new Follett Destiny program and we started using this program to check books out.  During our next rotation Mrs. D will introduce the Destiny online catalog.

Mrs. D hopes everyone has a fun and relaxing spring break!

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