It’s our Destiny….

DestinyIconThis past rotation Mrs. D was busy getting 3rd, 4th and 5th graders introduced to our new catalog system, Follett Destiny.  We looked at the different interfaces – the more traditional online catalog and the Destiny catalog whose interface is very visual and set up for the 21st century learner.  Students were excited to try out the new system which includes the ability for students to “friend” each other and share their favorite books with each other.  Students (and teachers) can also write reviews of library books they have read.

Mrs. D also worked on creating a new Library Website that has links to various websites that help us with creating, exploring and researching the Internet.  Links to “Kid-Friendly” search engines and databases are also included.

2nd graders worked on creating concrete poems using spring words from either an included list or from their own imaginations.  As usual, Mrs. D was impressed with their creations!ConcretePoem

Our youngest students are continuing to improve on their log in skills – many of them succeeding on their first try!  They are also enjoying many of their grade level websites, including Teach Your Monster to Read.


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