Showing our appreciation….

This past week students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades worked in the library on creating wordles for Moms for Mother’s Day and for teachers to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.  Mrs. D had a handout at each computer with a list of positive adjectives and positive phrases to assist students with ideas and with spelling as they worked on their creations.wordle-create-2

According the website English Club: “On the official website, Wordle is defined as a “toy for generating word clouds”. Wordle is useful for:

  • brainstorming or reflecting
  • remembering vocabulary
  • studying for an exam
  • summarizing a chat or discussion
  • adding a visual element to a blog post
  • sharing thoughts or notes on a certain subject
  • exploring colour palettes or fonts
  • creating fun thank you notes or greeting cards for friends or loved ones
  • displaying creativity

How to create a Wordle

  1. Go to (or start with the form on EnglishClub’s language tools page)
  2. Click on Create
  3. Type a bunch of words in the text box (to keep words together for phrases use ~ between each word). Click Go
  4. Change the font (letter style), layout (horizontal, vertical, etc.), and colour to suit your style. (You can click randomize until you like it, or design manually)
  5. Click on Save (save to public gallery and copy link OR take a screenshot)

If you haven’t tried out this fun word cloud creator, I urge you to try it out today!




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