A New Year Begins…

newThe week following our Christmas break was filled with activity and some new experiences.  Kindergartners started using their personal log ins and passwords this week.  Once they were logged in they explored the website Cookie.com and tried out math and reading activities on it.  Our biggest challenge so far….pressing Ctrl, Alt, Delete at the same time!

Mrs. D discussed with the Caldecott Award with 1st graders using Where the Wild Things Are as example.  Then students went to the Build Your Wild Self website from the New York Zoo.  They created their own “creatures” and learned about various wild animals at the same time.  1st graders were also practicing their personal log ins and passwords.

2nd graders were introduced to the Tynker website and were able to choose a coding activity from there.

3rd, 4th and 5th graders reviewed the library expectations and worked on Typing Club in anticipation of our first contest at the end of the week.  Students also had the opportunity to answer the Question of the Week using Padlet.

3rd and 4th grade classes on Monday created New Year’s slides for the Riverside webpage.  What are your hopes for 2016?


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