Search Sharks

DSCN1841What’s been happening in the library lately?  Well…here’s a summary….

Kindergartners are getting better and better at logging in as themselves.  PBSKids is the latest website Mrs. D has added to our webpage and students are loving it!  They also are really getting into Teach Your Monster to Read, the Kea Coloring book and more.

1st graders are practicing using the Ipads to scan a QR code and listen to a story.  Mrs. D has the codes scattered through the outside of our pit area.  Taking good care of ipads was also discussed.

2nd graders were introduced to six math games on ABCya – Balloon Pop Subtraction, Math-Fact Shootout, Base Ten Bingo, Drop Sum, Hockey Score and Math Man Jr.  They also enjoyed creating their own story of at least 4 pages using the website My Storymaker.  Books were printed so students could share them with family and friends.

3rd graders reviewed Internet Safety and took an online quiz as a class regarding that topic.  Then they visited Swell Island and the Netsmartz Adventure Games to practice their internet safety knowledge.  During their 1/2 hour visit with Mrs. D students practiced changing fonts in Microsoft Word and answering the Question of the Week using Padlet.

4th graders returned to their Digital Passport to complete module #4 – Search Sharks.  Practicing selecting the best keywords for doing an online search is an important 21st century skill.  They also practiced that skill during their 1/2 hour visits with Mrs. D with five trivia questions.

5th graders also returned to their Digital Passport to complete module #4 – Search Sharks.  Once they were done with that module, they returned to their Google Slide project for Mrs. Reinardy’s guidance class.  Mrs. D and Mrs. Reinardy are very pleased with the quality of work we are seeing on these presentations.

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