Get Caught Reading

kayleeFor several years now we have continued to add to our collection of Get Caught Reading posters in our library.  Back in 2003 I received a community grant to start the project in my previous schools and when came to Riverside I started the project here.

The idea is simple.  Show students the adults in their life (teachers and support staff) at school reading one of their favorite children’s books.  Many times it is that positive example that motivates students to try a new book, discover a new series or be inspired by the art work of a talented illustrator.

This past week the library was used once again as a gathering place to take photos for this year’s yearbook.  It was also my opportunity to snap a picture of our 5th grade Library Crew.  We have 54 students signed up this year and we are very happy with the help they provide us to keep our library neat and organized!library crew


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