Mindfulness in the library

dscn2264Since the beginning of the year we have been trying to incorporate a dedicated time period for students to read the books they have checked out or the e-books that are on their iPads.  Mrs. D has been researching how we can use a variety of methods to focus on giving students a calm, quiet atmosphere and she has found a few videos that help promote that concept.  Soft music combined with soothing images (similar to screen savers) have been used and students are really enjoying that.

During our last rotation kindergartners enjoyed the pet books The Cat Barked? and Hondo and Fabian.  Mrs. D loves reading aloud picture books.  1st graders heard What happened to Marion’s book? and we discussed the importance of book care.

2nd graders were introduced to Wordle and had fun creating word clouds about themselves.  Mrs. D and Mrs. T printed out a copy for the student and a copy for their homeroom teacher.

3rd graders reviewed where different call numbers were in the library by doing a scavenger hunt involving specific call numbers and using that information to solve two riddles.  Then they practiced putting call numbers in order using the website Order in the Library.

4th graders started their Digital Passport modules with the communication portion.  We discussed as a large group how cell phones can be distracting and Mrs. D showed two commercials, one humorous and the other more serious, about the dangers of trying to multitask.  Then students logged into Digital Passport and tried completing three rounds of the Twalkers section and earning their first badge.

5th graders started the site Digital Compass with a large group discussion on what a digital footprint is and how to create a positive one that follows you throughout your life.  Students chose the first two characters and practiced choosing different decisions for those characters (much like a Choose Your Own Adventure book).  Seeing positive results from positive choices and vice versa makes this digital tool an excellent resource for teaching digital citizenship.


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