Book Fair Opens

BookFairExcitement filled the air this past week as the Scholastic Book Fair returned to Riverside library.  The book fair is open before and after school and during conferences.  Students who have a library/computer class will also have the opportunity to check out what is in this year’s book fair during their class time with Mrs. D.

Kindergartners enjoyed the story Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings while 1st graders enjoyed watching BrainPopJr’s video about Thanksgiving.  Students in both grades were introduced to Microsoft Word as they practiced typing what they are thankful for.

2nd and 3rd graders logged into their Google accounts and created a Thanksgiving poster entitled “I am thankful for…”

Last week Mrs. D enjoyed showing 4th and 5th graders a Kid President video describing what he is thankful for.  View it here:  

4th graders continued on their Digital Passport journey.  We discussed why it is so important to “think before you post”.  Many students completed the Privacy Share Jumper module of the Digital Passport program.

5th graders continued on their journey through the Digital Compass program practicing making positive choices with specific digital situations.

Mrs. D is so thankful for all of the parent/grandparent volunteers who are helping her out this year.  We also have several Riverside staff members volunteering for the Book Fair too.

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