Thank you!

This year our library made $950 from our Scholastic Book Fair.  Thank you to everyone who purchased items in the book fair and a special thank you to all of the following people who helped Mrs. D this year:  Setup – Mr. Ron, Mrs. Hanson and the 3rd grade teacher team – Cashiers: Mrs. T, Jackie Jackson, Cheryl Bayer, Holly Pagel, Tami Mlodik, Denise Sousa, Cheryl Franklin, Gina Lekie, Laura Isham, Courtney Pheifer, Cindy Daniels, Courtney Burger and Jenny Helminiac.  Special thank you to Laura Isham for helping Mrs. D on Wednesday and with helping her pack the book fair up.

This week Mrs. D is starting the Hour of Code activities with Kindergarten and 1st graders.  Kindergarten is practicing dragging and dropping using the Jigsaw puzzles on Hour of Code.  Some are advancing into sequencing using the Angry Bird program.  1st graders are reviewing the drag and drop method and also sequencing doing either the Angry Birds program or Kodable.

See how success last year’s worldwide Hour of Code went watch the video below:


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