Book Bugs Club

coltonwCongratulations to Colton Weinke for reaching the ultimate level in our Book Bugs program – reading 4000 books!  Colton received an engraved reading plaque to record his achievement.

The Book Bugs reading program is designed to encourage students in Kindergarten through 5th grade to increase their independent reading.  The program is built around simple record keeping with the following guidelines:

  1. The child reads a book.  The books can come from home, school, the public library or anywhere.
  2. The title and date are recorded on the Book Bug sheet.
  3. For longer books (chapter books) every 25 pages may be counted as one book.
  4. Younger students may include books that have been read to them.
  5. Sheets must be signed by a parent or guardian to verify the successful completion of reading the book.
  6. Completed sheets are turned into their teacher and new blank sheets will be made available.
  7. The reading lists and total will follow the student throughout his/her time at Riverside.
  8. All record keeping will be handled by the IMC.
  9. At various levels of reading involvement students will receive the following recognition for their participation:

25 Books – Certificate

50 Books – Bookmark

100 Books – Book Bug Button

200 Books – Poster

300 Books – Medal

400 Books – T-shirt

500 Books – Gift certificate to Politos

1000 Books – Trophy

1500 Books – Paperback book

2000 Books – Hardbound book of student’s choice signed by Riverside staff

2500 Books – Reading Book Light

3000 Books – $25 Barnes and Noble Gift card

3500 Books – $25 Target Gift card

4000 Books – Reading Plaque


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