dscn2315“We’re fascinated with robots because they are a reflection of ourselves.” ~ Ken Goldberg

Mrs. D enjoyed teaching students how to use our Ozobots, which are small, smart robots that empower learners to code, play, create and connect the physical and digital worlds.  K and 1st graders worked with a partner in the app Ozodraw to draw shapes and letters using different colors for their Ozobot to follow and read.

3rd, 4th and 5th graders all worked with partners to use Freedraw, Playground and Challenge to add codes and program their Ozobot to perform various coding activities.  2nd graders are getting the opportunity this rotation to work with a partner and try out the Ozobots.

What is the purpose of having students use these “mini” robots?

Being introduced to coding gives students an appreciation of what can be built with technology. We must admit that in today’s world we are surrounded by devices controlled by computers. Understanding how they work, and imagining new devices and services, are enhanced by understanding coding.

Of course, not everyone taught coding will become a coder or have a career in information technology. For example art is taught in schools with no expectation that the students should become artists.

The idea is to give students exposure to coding and its basics so that they can decide if it is any area they are interested in learning more about.  Mrs. D is always excited to create opportunities that give students as many educational experiences as possible.


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