Prodigy, Wild Selves, PebbleGoNext and more….

The last two rotations have kept us busy in the IMC – Kindergartners practiced logging in as themselves and then practiced finding keys on their keyboard while doing Keyboarding Zoo while 1st graders loved talking about award-winning Caldecott books.  Mrs. D shared Where the Wild Things Are, followed by students going to the Create Your Wild Self website where they put together a digital mixture version of themselves with both human and animal qualities.

2nd and 3rd graders have been learning about recycling and taking good care of the Earth and tested their knowledge using websites under the Earth Day links on our library webpage.  4th graders practiced finding keywords when searching on the Internet in Module 4 of Digital Passport while 5th graders finished up Digital Compass and engaged in great discussions about plagiarism and copyright issues.

Last week 5th graders finished working on their Guidance Google Slide project with Mrs. Brecke so they can present their All about me slides to their parents in a few weeks.  3rd, 4th and 5th graders spent the first 15 minutes of their 1/2 hour library class time previewing PebbleGoNext.  Mrs. D heard several positive comments from students about this resource.

Mrs. D has been enjoying using the new 70″ flat screen television in the pit which replace our SmartBoard.  The picture is sharp and it is a great addition to our library.  Mrs. D even added a 1947 typewriter as a makerspace and it is fun watching students use it to type notes to family and friends.


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