Poem in Your Pocket Day

The past few weeks have been extremely busy with Forward testing and Mrs. D and Mrs. T have been coordinating their efforts to get tickets and keyboards out to the classrooms and helping with any troubleshooting problems that they can.  We are also very happy that one of our IT colleagues, Mr. Kloth, was available to be at Riverside the first few days of each grade levels testing time.

On Thursday, April 28th, we celebrated Poem in Your Pocket day at Riverside.  It seemed only fitting to end April (which is both library appreciation and poetry month) with our annual Poem in Your Pocket Day. Several students shared poems with classmates and met with different classrooms to recite a poem they had either written themselves or had found in a poetry book or website. Mrs. D had 5th grade classes participate in a Poetry Race found on the Giggle Poetry website. Just another great way to practice fluency and spread the love of reading and poetry!  Check out this original poem written by one of our 5th grade students, Lyn S.

The rain falls,

Wetting the ground,

So I’m hoping that tomorrow,

The plants will come around.

Today in snow they are buried,

And their leaves, the wind has carried.

I hope tomorrow

Their leaves will begin to grow

So tomorrow I can go

Frolic in a flower filled meadow



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