Flexible learning space

Just before Mrs. D left for medical leave our library received beautiful tables with wheels and stackable chairs that now make the center area of our library easier to “transform” for presentations and robotics/makerspaces!  Thank you to our DCE administration for funding this flexible seating for all of our elementary school libraries in our district.

It is really hard to believe we have just a little over a week of school left!  Two big events for the library take place this time of year: 1) The End-of-the-Year Book Raffle and 2) Our library inventory.

The book raffle is for all students who do not have an overdue book(s)…those students receive a raffle ticket that they write their name and grade on.  Then they place their ticket in the bag of the book they would like to try and win.  Library staff will choose the winners the last few days of school.DSCN2097

Our library inventory is well under way this next week.  This will be done while there are still classes being taught.  It is a challenge but we are blessed with wonderful support staff members who step right in and start scanning barcodes.  With over 16,000 items to scan it does take awhile to do.  Thank you to everyone who is helping us with this very large but important project!

Mrs. D also wants to thank Mrs. Wolfe for long-term substitute teaching for Mrs. D as she recovers from surgery.  Mrs. Wolfe is an excellent teacher and has experience working in a school library.  Thanks Mrs. Wolfe!

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