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One World, Many Stories

Here is a short summary of what we’ve been learning about in the Riverside Library this past rotation:

Kindergartners:  Mrs. D enjoys reading stories this past month including Shh! Don’t Wake the Giant and The Last Puppy.  Using our mouse and clicking on the left side was our focus.  Mrs. D introduced the Big Bird Basketball website and the Bees and Honey website to help kindergartners with this skill.

1st graders:  Mrs. D loved seeing how much students remember about taking good care of library books.  We watched a great video on book care using Skippy Jon Jones as the main character.  Everyone had the opportunity to get into Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun with Words during computer lab time.

2nd graders:  Students were introduced to our library makerspaces and how we should behave in those areas of the library.  Students logged into their assigned computer and went into Teach Your Monster to Read 3 – Champion Reader.

3rd graders:  Students logged into their computers and added our Riverside homepage to their Firefox browser.  Students were also introduced to their weekly Book Hooks focusing on a specific author or series that we have in our library collection.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

4th graders:  Mrs. D was happy to see how many students remembered how to look up books using Follett Destiny.  Students reviewed how to set up the Riverside website as their homepage on the Firefox browser before checking out books.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

5th graders:  Many students are excited to join the Library Crew and help Mrs. D and Mrs. T. with keeping our library running smoothly.    Students reviewed how to set up the Riverside website as their homepage on the Firefox browser before checking out books. If there was time, students logged into their Google drive and deleted old files and set up a 5th grade folder for this year.  Students are also bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

It is not a secret that Mrs. D loves books and she especially enjoyed reading to Kindergartners this rotation, sharing a few of her favorite “oldie but goodie” books.  Sometimes it is the impromptu moments that are the most memorable, like a 1st grader sharing his book he wrote with friends and staff members after school.  The picture and the moment it captures….priceless.


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A New Beginning…

Since the first day of school, Mrs. D has been doing orientation lessons with all of her classes.  Students were excited to check out new books and magazines and to become familiar again with the library and its resources.

Kindergartners are busy learning how to be good library citizens, taking good care of books before checking them out for the first time.  1st graders reviewed those important Book Care Rules before checking out for the first time this school year.  2nd and 3rd graders did a QR code scavenger hunt with a partner as they went around the library locating specific areas and answering trivia questions.  Mrs. D made video clips with the app Telagami.  4th graders had 24 areas around the library to find QR codes that revealed a quote from a famous children’s book.  5th graders were divided into 6 groups, each finding 4 clues hidden around the library.  They worked as teams to decode the clues to open the 4 locks on their group box.  For more information about this type of activity visit the official website of Breakout EDU.

Mrs D was also happy to be working again with Mrs. Trzebiatowski.   We look forward to a great school year!

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Have a great summer!

What a great school year it has been!  Thank you for making it such a success and I hope each and every one of you takes time this summer to refresh and rejuvenate yourselves.  Follow your dreams, enjoy the company of your family and friends and, of course, don’t forget to read some good books!

Have a great summer!

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Flexible learning space

Just before Mrs. D left for medical leave our library received beautiful tables with wheels and stackable chairs that now make the center area of our library easier to “transform” for presentations and robotics/makerspaces!  Thank you to our DCE administration for funding this flexible seating for all of our elementary school libraries in our district.

It is really hard to believe we have just a little over a week of school left!  Two big events for the library take place this time of year: 1) The End-of-the-Year Book Raffle and 2) Our library inventory.

The book raffle is for all students who do not have an overdue book(s)…those students receive a raffle ticket that they write their name and grade on.  Then they place their ticket in the bag of the book they would like to try and win.  Library staff will choose the winners the last few days of school.DSCN2097

Our library inventory is well under way this next week.  This will be done while there are still classes being taught.  It is a challenge but we are blessed with wonderful support staff members who step right in and start scanning barcodes.  With over 16,000 items to scan it does take awhile to do.  Thank you to everyone who is helping us with this very large but important project!

Mrs. D also wants to thank Mrs. Wolfe for long-term substitute teaching for Mrs. D as she recovers from surgery.  Mrs. Wolfe is an excellent teacher and has experience working in a school library.  Thanks Mrs. Wolfe!

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Overdrive is here…

The past few weeks the library have been very busy.  What’s happening?  Kindergarten students listened to Mrs. D read Mr. Wiggle’s Book and reviewed how to take care of book.  They are also enjoying summer stories and using their computers to draw a picture of what they enjoy doing outside during the summer time.  1st graders are learning how to “fill buckets” of others by giving compliments and being kind to one another.  Then they are creating a note to a classmate with ABCya Story Maker, drawing a picture online and typing their note.  We are printing them so students can give their notes directly to their classmates.    2nd graders practiced math and reading skills with the website Recess Room.  2nd and 3rd graders created Mother’s Day Wordles to share with their mothers after being inspired by stories like The Kissing Hand and  Stellaluna.

4th and 5th graders got to work with the Dash robots once again, this time using the Blockly app for Dash on their iPads.  With partners or in groups of three students worked through a variety of challenges to code Dash to follow specific commands.  Mrs. D had one of the 4th graders share a code he created with his own personal Dash at home with his classmates.  It was great to see students taking that next step with coding.

This rotation 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are getting an introduction from Mrs. D about Overdrive, which is a free service offered by our school libraries that lets students and staff borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and more from their digital collections.  Information about Overdrive and all of the other reading options for students will sent home with them right before school gets out this year.

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Poem in Your Pocket Day

The past few weeks have been extremely busy with Forward testing and Mrs. D and Mrs. T have been coordinating their efforts to get tickets and keyboards out to the classrooms and helping with any troubleshooting problems that they can.  We are also very happy that one of our IT colleagues, Mr. Kloth, was available to be at Riverside the first few days of each grade levels testing time.

On Thursday, April 28th, we celebrated Poem in Your Pocket day at Riverside.  It seemed only fitting to end April (which is both library appreciation and poetry month) with our annual Poem in Your Pocket Day. Several students shared poems with classmates and met with different classrooms to recite a poem they had either written themselves or had found in a poetry book or website. Mrs. D had 5th grade classes participate in a Poetry Race found on the Giggle Poetry website. Just another great way to practice fluency and spread the love of reading and poetry!  Check out this original poem written by one of our 5th grade students, Lyn S.

The rain falls,

Wetting the ground,

So I’m hoping that tomorrow,

The plants will come around.

Today in snow they are buried,

And their leaves, the wind has carried.

I hope tomorrow

Their leaves will begin to grow

So tomorrow I can go

Frolic in a flower filled meadow


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Prodigy, Wild Selves, PebbleGoNext and more….

The last two rotations have kept us busy in the IMC – Kindergartners practiced logging in as themselves and then practiced finding keys on their keyboard while doing Keyboarding Zoo while 1st graders loved talking about award-winning Caldecott books.  Mrs. D shared Where the Wild Things Are, followed by students going to the Create Your Wild Self website where they put together a digital mixture version of themselves with both human and animal qualities.

2nd and 3rd graders have been learning about recycling and taking good care of the Earth and tested their knowledge using websites under the Earth Day links on our library webpage.  4th graders practiced finding keywords when searching on the Internet in Module 4 of Digital Passport while 5th graders finished up Digital Compass and engaged in great discussions about plagiarism and copyright issues.

Last week 5th graders finished working on their Guidance Google Slide project with Mrs. Brecke so they can present their All about me slides to their parents in a few weeks.  3rd, 4th and 5th graders spent the first 15 minutes of their 1/2 hour library class time previewing PebbleGoNext.  Mrs. D heard several positive comments from students about this resource.

Mrs. D has been enjoying using the new 70″ flat screen television in the pit which replace our SmartBoard.  The picture is sharp and it is a great addition to our library.  Mrs. D even added a 1947 typewriter as a makerspace and it is fun watching students use it to type notes to family and friends.

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