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I am thankful for….

This past rotation Kindergartners enjoyed the story The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings which was followed up by students working on their Thanksgiving word document where they practiced typing their names and choosing clip art and moving the clip art onto their document.  Thankful documents were printed for students to take home and share.

1st graders watched BrainpopJr’s video on the history of Thanksgiving.  During computer lab time students chose from a variety of Thanksgiving websites that offered word searches, memory games and informational videos.

2nd graders in Mrs. Schwan’s GT class, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders continued working on their book reviews and earning Biblionasium badges.

Friday we started our current rotation.  Kindergartners are enjoying the classic story Swimmy read by Mrs. D before we check out books and spend a short remainder of our time in the computer lab.  1st graders are reviewing how to log in as themselves and practicing logging in after they check out books.

Our Book Bugs program continues to have many students participating and earning prizes.  Congratulations to Emma Lekie and Benjamin Mevis for reading 1000 books – they both received an engraved trophy for their efforts!


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Introducing Biblionasium

This rotation Mrs. D is introducing the PBS kids website to the kindergartners with a “guess who” game of the various characters students find on that website.  1st graders are reviewing how to use PebbleGo with our school login and password, and are exploring the different features and information that can be found on that database.

2nd graders are reviewing positive character traits and creating a word cloud about themselves using the Wordle website and we are printing out black and white copies for their teachers and the students.  The GT 2nd grade and all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are being introduced to a new program, Biblionasium.

What is it?  According to their website, “Biblionasium is a fun, reading-focused social network for kids ages 6-13. Connecting kids in an encouraging community of friends, family and their educators, Biblionasium excites, engages and encourages a love of the written word.”

Mrs. D is demonstrating how to log into the program through our library catalog and all of the program features, including adding favorite books to your shelf, sharing books with classmates and writing a review.  This looks like a great resource for getting students excited about reading and sharing their favorite books with each other.

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Thank you!

This year our library made $965 from our Scholastic Book Fair.  Thank you to everyone who purchased items in the book fair and a special thank you to all of the following people who helped Mrs. D this year:  Setup – Mr. Ron and Mrs. T  – Cashiers: Mrs. T, Angela Woolf, Ashley Sekula, Heather Rogan, Courtney Pheifer, Karry Salber, Denise Sousa, Courtney Burger, Laura Isham, Amy Dettman, Janis Dixon, Rachel Rentmeester, Cheryl Franklin, Holly Pagel and Cindy Daniels.  Special thank you to Laura Isham, D.J. Isham and Mr. Podeweltz for helping Mrs. D with packing the book fair up.

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The Book Fair is Here!

On Thursday, Oct. 19th we opened our Riverside Scholastic Book Fair.  The fair runs through the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 25th.  It is open before and after school and also during parent/teacher conferences.

According to the Scholastic Book Fair website “Around the country and world, Scholastic’s literacy events generate excitement for reading and revenues for schools. One of Scholasticʼs best-known and best-loved businesses is Book Fairs, in-school events that bring the joy and excitement of reading right to students. With the look and feel of a bustling bookstore, these weeklong events feature mobile cases full of affordable books based on characters and subjects kids love and want to read about. From newly released books and best sellers to award-winning titles and perennial favorites, every book is hand-selected by Scholastic experts and chosen from dozens of other publishers.”

Mrs. D and Mrs. T also try to display as many books as possible, avoiding “trinkets”, games, kits, etc.  In our opinion a book fair should be just that…books…..The library chooses to take the cash profit option so we can have additional funds to support our library program, including our Battle of the Books club, our Library Crew and our Book Bugs reading incentive program.

Come and visit the fair this week and if you can’t make it, please visit our online fair at:

Thanks for your support!

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How can we give back?

October is Anti-bullying month and this year we are really trying to focus on the positive side of this issue so we are choosing to use only positive words in our projects.  4th graders are using Google slides to create a kindness poster that will inspire others to treat each other with respect and kindness while 5th graders just finished creating kindness bookmarks for our library to be given out to students at the checkout desk. Mrs. D also loves Kid President’s video on the importance of giving back. 

3rd graders reviewed the different types of call numbers we have in the library and where they are located while 2nd graders saw a “book hook” of author/illustrator Marc Brown demonstrating how to draw his famous character Arthur and we also read the book Nobody Knew What to Do, where we also discussed what bullying is and what to do about it.

1st graders watched the Cyber 5 video about internet safety and reviewed what personal information is and why we shouldn’t share it online while kindergartners put their mouse skills to the test and carved an online pumpkin and printed it from the ABCya website.  We also read the enjoyable audience response book The Little Old Lady Who is Not Afraid of Anything.

Mrs. D and Mrs. T are also gearing up for the upcoming book fair which will be held from Oct. 19th – 25th this year.  We encourage any parents who would be willing to help with sales to sign up using the following link or call us at 715-359-2417 Ext. 5324.


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Kindness is Cool

The end of September had 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders getting into their Big Universe accounts so they could update their book shelves and find e-books that they wanted to read.  With over 11,000 e-books they had plenty to choose from!


Mrs. D loves to get students excited about reading and she tries to start every class with a book hook or read aloud.  We are so blessed to have a wonderful variety of books for students and staff to choose from.  If we don’t have it, we can always interlibrary loan it and we have done that many times already this school year.

We’ve added to our maker spaces with an origami maker space and a drawing maker space.  It is always fun to see where students gravitate to and what creations they comeup with!  October is Anti-bullying month and we are focusing on the importance of being kind to one another.  5th graders are creating kindness bookmarks in their Google classroom with Mrs. D.  We love the positive messages that are being spread!

4th graders are using the new website Interland by Google.  The first time we tried Mindful Mountain and practicing sharing posts and information with family and friends.  2nd and 3rd graders discussed what personal information is and why we shouldn’t share it online.  2nd graders worked their way online through Privacy Playground while 3rd graders did the 2nd adventure of the “three cyber pigs” entitled Cybersense and Nonsense.  Both programs provide a valuable review of internet safety topics.

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One World, Many Stories

Here is a short summary of what we’ve been learning about in the Riverside Library this past rotation:

Kindergartners:  Mrs. D enjoys reading stories this past month including Shh! Don’t Wake the Giant and The Last Puppy.  Using our mouse and clicking on the left side was our focus.  Mrs. D introduced the Big Bird Basketball website and the Bees and Honey website to help kindergartners with this skill.

1st graders:  Mrs. D loved seeing how much students remember about taking good care of library books.  We watched a great video on book care using Skippy Jon Jones as the main character.  Everyone had the opportunity to get into Teach Your Monster to Read 2: Fun with Words during computer lab time.

2nd graders:  Students were introduced to our library makerspaces and how we should behave in those areas of the library.  Students logged into their assigned computer and went into Teach Your Monster to Read 3 – Champion Reader.

3rd graders:  Students logged into their computers and added our Riverside homepage to their Firefox browser.  Students were also introduced to their weekly Book Hooks focusing on a specific author or series that we have in our library collection.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

4th graders:  Mrs. D was happy to see how many students remembered how to look up books using Follett Destiny.  Students reviewed how to set up the Riverside website as their homepage on the Firefox browser before checking out books.  Students are bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

5th graders:  Many students are excited to join the Library Crew and help Mrs. D and Mrs. T. with keeping our library running smoothly.    Students reviewed how to set up the Riverside website as their homepage on the Firefox browser before checking out books. If there was time, students logged into their Google drive and deleted old files and set up a 5th grade folder for this year.  Students are also bringing their iPads with them to the library so they can read using Epic books or Big Universe during check out time.

It is not a secret that Mrs. D loves books and she especially enjoyed reading to Kindergartners this rotation, sharing a few of her favorite “oldie but goodie” books.  Sometimes it is the impromptu moments that are the most memorable, like a 1st grader sharing his book he wrote with friends and staff members after school.  The picture and the moment it captures….priceless.

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